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I am an avid reader and a dedicated book blogger but sometimes I get requests from authors to review their books and unfortunately I just don’t have the time in my busy schedule and/or perhaps it’s just not quite my thing. So every once in a while instead of reading/reviewing their book, I’ll agree to put together a little post to help pass along the word in case any of you readers out there will find it interesting. This time it seems the book roulette has landed on a straight up contemporary adult romance. Not really my thing but maybe it’ll interest some of you. Here we go… 


Hiding Behind Love by Karly Morgan (2018)

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Adult Fiction | Contemporary Romance
424 Pages (Kindle Edition)
Publication Date: March 09, 2018

Sometimes running away lands you right where you belong.

Desperate. Afraid. Determined. My name is Carissa and so far my life until this point has been all about pleasing others. My father controlled everything about my life, right down to the smallest detail…until he demanded that do I the one thing I could never live with. Unwilling to listen to reason, he left me with no other choice but to run. Now I’m in the middle of nowhere with the hottest rancher I’ve ever seen making my panties melt right off my body.

Kolton Reed’s well-muscled physique and obvious alpha-male persona makes my mouth water, thoughts of running disappear, and more cowboy fantasies than I’ve ever considered before race through my mind. Instead of continuing to run like I should have, I’m now facing forging a new path in life, breaking free of my father’s rein by entering into a rushed marriage.

With so many factors in play—my father’s unrelenting pursuit to get what he wants, dealing with a husband who has no intentions of getting married in the first place, and undeniable passion burning between Kolton and me—I need to take control of my life once and for all. All I need to do is figure how…

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karly morgan

Karly currently resides in Odessa, TX with her loving and supportive husband, three of her four children, a horse, three dogs and five cats (don’t judge! LOL). She’s always been a bookworm and started reading at such a young age she doesn’t even remember the first book she read on her own. Karly loves reading many different genres and goes back and forth between them as the mood strikes her but has a strong affinity for Contemporary Romance and Romance in general which is why she began writing in the genre. She believes love is the driving force that can help all of us evolve into better people and eventually a better world no matter what obstacles we face. Love conquers all as cliché as it may seem.

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