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This is the spiffy online home to pooled ink Reviews. This is a place where I read books, I post a review with my thoughts, and I welcome anyone to contribute their own feedback on books as well. I hunt for good books on my own time but I love receiving books from new or established authors (or their publishers) who are willing to send me an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) so I can write a review, provide some feedback, and help them promote their book in preparation for its publication date!

ARC: book is not yet published but the author or publisher has sent me a copy in exchange for a review
Review Request: book is already published but the author has sent me a copy requesting a review
[no label]: book is already published and I bought it for myself

Note: If I am asked to review a book then I will acknowledge the iffy bits but focus on the good parts. If I am asked to critique a book then I will not hesitate to acknowledge the good but emphasize the weaker parts. If no one asked me anything at all and I just felt like writing about my opinions on a book then it’s a free for all, now isn’t it? (:

I typically post a review within two weeks of receiving the ARC (often times sooner but definitely before the publication date so long as the ARC is delivered at least 2 days in advance), however occasionally books pile up and I read them in the order received. I do, however, put books with a very soon publication date towards the top of my stack. With NetGalley eARCs I will read those with a quickly approaching archive date first. I prefer hardcopy ARCs however I will gladly accept eARCs as well.

I share my reviews on Amazon (US, UK, CA), Barnes & Noble, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

1 StarNO, thanks.
2 Stars
It’s not terrible, but it’s really not my cup of tea.
3 Stars
It’s fine (: It didn’t change my life or anything but it’s a solid effort.
4 Stars
It’s good, quite good. Overall captivating, creative, thought out, and well written. I may or may not buy it for my shelves and I may or may not read it ever again but I definitely enjoyed it.
5 stars
YES, thanks! It has that magical unnamable something that steals time and space and harmonizes with my soul. I will definitely buy this for my shelves and I will certainly be reading this again and again. Anyone who doesn’t love this book is blind because I’m blind, I’m blinded by the magical connection that this brick of paper and ink has somehow managed to forge with my soul.

*Everything I write is of my own individual creation (unless otherwise cited/quoted) and remains my intellectual property. I’d love for you to share my posts and help my blog reach more readers but please do not plagiarize any of my work, either in whole or in part. I know you’re an ace but unfortunately not everyone else is.

I am also open to editing books! I have been a part of a beta reading/editing group for authors before and would love to do it again (I love nitpicking grammar and spelling mistakes especially), however as this is a much longer process than simply reading & reviewing I cannot take on more than one project at a time. But please, feel free to email me with a request!

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Oh, I am also now an official Amazon Associate! So if you could be lovely and please use the purchase links provided in my posts it will take you to your desired book as well as help me continue doing what I love by Amazon giving me a small percentage of anything you purchase via my links! (There is no extra cost and no spam). Thank you so very much!

Enjoy (:

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