Down the TBR Hole #4

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I cannot believe how quickly time flies! It seems just yesterday that summer began! Well, it’s another month and so I’ve got another five books up on the judgement table. Listed below I’ve selected five books from my TBR list in the hopes that you’ll have read them, heard about them, or just have some sort of advice/vote/opinion for them.  Continue reading

BRN #4: A “Talking Prop”: Friend or Foe?

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There are times when my thought-streams puddle and pool together and I must babble and type them out to free up some mental space in my head. And yes okay now that I’ve written that sentence I realize how weird it sounds…cool. Onward!

Illustrating an actor as a “talking prop” is both infuriatingly belittling verging on disrespectful but also blissfully grounding.  Continue reading