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Welcome to pooled ink Reviews, a place where I read books, post reviews with my thoughts, and I invite anyone to contribute their own thoughts as well. I hunt for good books on my own time but I love hearing from new or established authors (or their publishers) who are willing to send me an ARC of their book.
If I am unable to provide a review then I will often be more than happy to enter you into my “book roulette” in which I may provide you with a spotlight post featuring your book on my blog.

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Please send me an email via the Contact Page on my blog introducing yourself and your book. I accept requests from authors, publishers, agents, publicists, etc.

I prefer reading physical copies of books but I will also gladly accept digital copies (.mobi preferred). As my personal reading schedule is often full I am more likely to accept an ARC than a previously published book however it never hurts to ask!

2021 UPDATE:



I am open to any and all genres but my preferences lean towards:

Young Adult Fiction
New Adult Fiction

Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Happily Ever Afters

If you’re unsure whether or not I’d be a good fit for your book I suggest you scroll through my book reviews to get a general idea of what I enjoy reading or check out my stats below (: 


Everything I write is of my own individual creation (unless otherwise cited/quoted) and remains my intellectual property. I’d love for you to share my posts and help my blog reach more readers but please do not plagiarize any of my work, either in whole or in part.

For ARCs I typically post my review 2-4 weeks prior to the publication date unless otherwise specified by the publisher or author.
(I can post a review before or on the publication date so long as the ARC is delivered at least 1 week in advance).

For currently published books (non-ARCs) I typically post a review 2-4 weeks from receiving the book unless otherwise specified by the publisher or author.

Please keep in mind that occasionally books pile up and I read them in the order received. I will inform you of my schedule, if necessary, when you make your request. I do, however, put books with a quickly approaching publication date towards the top of my stack. With NetGalley eARCs I will read those with the closest archive date first.

I publish my reviews on this blog, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and NetGalley (if applicable). My reviews are promoted on Twitter, occasionally Instagram, and of course Goodreads.

STATISTICS for Pooled Ink

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You can visit The List to view an alphabetized list of all my posts, you can use the Category drop-down box to find posts based on genre, you can use the Search Box to type in keywords, or you can simply scroll through the Home Page endlessly until you stumble upon something that catches your eye!


ARC: book is not yet published but the author or publisher has sent me a copy in exchange for a review
Review Request: book is already published but the author has sent me a copy requesting a review
[no label]: book is already published and I bought it for myself

Check out this post for an age/genre point of reference as it applies to my blog:
Genres, Subgenres, and Little Baby Llamas


1 StarNO, thanks.
2 Stars
It’s either terrible or just really not my cup of tea.
3 Stars
It’s fine (: It didn’t change my life or anything but it’s a solid effort.
4 Stars
It’s good, quite good. Overall captivating, creative, thought out, and well written. I may or may not buy it for my shelves and I may or may not read it ever again but I definitely enjoyed it.
5 stars
YES, thanks! It has that magical unnamable something that steals time and space and harmonizes with my soul. I will definitely buy this for my shelves and I will certainly be reading this again and again. Anyone who doesn’t love this book is blind because I’m blind, I’m blinded by the magical connection that this brick of paper and ink has somehow managed to forge with my soul.

In general, how age-appropriate the content of a book is can be based off of its listed age-genre (e.g. Middle Grade). However occasionally some books may be a bit harder to guess  (e.g. a novel listed as New Adult may not actually include any themes or content unsuitable for a slightly younger audience) so I may also include an age rating in my review as according to the U.S. TV guidelines as seen below:

content tv ratings.png

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