BRN #24: Bookish Eating Habits

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They say reading feeds your brain (and soul) but I’ve been thinking about it lately and this really is a funnily accurate statement. Books are truly like food for the brain! Yes I mean that in the sense that you absorb information from them, you learn from them, you widen your world view via them, etc. But in an almost comical way they can also reflect our eating habits…sorta.Ā šŸ˜œĀ  Continue reading

BRN #6: Genres, Subgenres, and Little Baby Llamas

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Differentiating genres is irritatingly difficult sometimes. I rather think most people donā€™t care but I like boxing and labeling things nice and tidy so yeah, sometimes I care haha. Anyway, I decided to share how I personally breakdown and define different “umbrella” genres using my own words and opinions, because why not? Keep in mind that this is a tangled messy web because books/movies/television/life can fall within multipleĀ genres but they all tend toĀ have one overarching genre.

FICTION is…Ā  Continue reading