Cover Reveal | Sugar Spells


I’m happy to share with you today the cover for Lola Dodge’s second book in her Spellwork Syndicate series, SUGAR SPELLS! Keep reading to find out more about this YA Paranormal/Fantasy!  Continue reading


Deadly Sweet | Cover Reveal


The Book

Deadly Sweet 
by Lola Dodge
(Spellwork Syndicate, #1)
Published By: Ink Monster LLC
Publication Date: January 16th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

For fans of Hex Hall, The Magicians, Practical Magic, and Food Wars!

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Quanta Rewind

Quanta Rewind (The Shadow Ravens #4) by Lola Dodge (2017)
-eARC Review-

quanta rewind

NA Fiction | Sci-Fi
3.5 Stars

“With more and more Red Helixes turning up missing or dead, the Shadow Ravens are ready to take their fight to Doctor Nagi himself.

But breaking into Alpha Citadel is no cakewalk, and Quanta isn’t so sure about this whole “teamwork” thing.

If she and the Ravens can’t learn to work together, no amount of rewinding time will save them from the inevitable.  Continue reading

Quanta Reset

Quanta Reset (The Shadow Ravens #3) by Lola Dodge (2016)
-eARC Review-

Quanta Reset

NA Fiction | Sci-Fi
4 Stars

“Quanta has escaped her laboratory prison, but that’s where the good news ends.

Life at the Shadow Ravens’ compound is a disaster. She’s drowning in visions of the dark pasts and darker futures of her fellow Ravens and is plagued by her own panic-inducing memories, but Lady Eva still expects her to “train” and “participate in missions.” Plus, the food tastes like burnt plastic.  Continue reading


Quanta (The Shadow Ravens #2) By Lola Dodge (2015)
-eARC Review-


NA Fiction | Sci-Fi Romance4 StarsBlurb:

“Just because Quanta can see the future doesn’t mean she can change it. She’s spent most of her life imprisoned, feeding her captors information to keep herself alive, but she’s finally reached the endgame and her death creeps closer by the moment.

The son of two senators, Altair Orpheus leads a life of privilege that provides the perfect cover for his side job: working with the rebel Shadow Ravens to undermine the ruling Seligo government. Everything is running like clockwork until he crosses paths with Quanta. Continue reading