Down the TBR Hole #2

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Well here I go again! Another month, another selection of books on my crazy long TBR list that are up for debate: do I keep them or ax them?  Continue reading


BRN #16: A Bookish Conundrum

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Do you ever get so excited about a new book that you keep putting off reading it until you can find a perfect day with nothing but free time so that you can read this (hopefully) amazing book completely uninterrupted by anything other than maybe food, the occasional desperate bathroom break, and sleep (although you’ll push your body to its limits to stay up until you’ve finished the whole book)??  Continue reading

BRN #15: Bookish Turn-Offs

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As I’ve been sorting through my very overstuffed bookshelves I’ve stacked piles of books to part with. I don’t have the space and these are all books I doubt I’ll read again anyway. But then it got me thinking…what makes these different from the books I could never fathom letting go? So, I decided it might be fun to figure out what I don’t like to read in books. So I’ve put together a list of about 10 things that are bookish turn-offs for me (in no particular order).

As I made this list I realized a) it included things that I also don’t enjoy in movies/TV and b) that I’m very judgmental towards books. Lol  Continue reading

BRN #14: Poetic Ponderings

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So I’m not generally a big poetry fanatic but every once in a while I stumble across a poem or hear someone perform a piece of spoken word and it strikes something in me. So today I don’t have a book review prepared for you but as it is National Poetry Month I thought I’d share a few poems that I love instead. Maybe you’ll like them or maybe you’re not big on poetry either. Either way I felt like sharing these. Maybe it’s my trip to the ocean that’s putting me in a poetic mood?
For this post I made sure to include a few poems about books since books are what we all love.

When Death Comes | Allowables | King Henry VIGood Books | Macbeth | Notes on the Art of Poetry | Old Books | The Gold Bell in Charn | The Arrow and The Song | Hades and Persephone | The Author to Her Book

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Love of Reading Month

Apparently February is “Love of Reading” month! I saw this lovely post from @Fictionophile and decided to put it on my own blog with my own answers! (Read her responses here: Love of Reading)

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According to my mom I read a lot as a kid. She’d read to me, I’d read to her, I’d read to myself. Apparently I was a book addict even as a toddler. Many books have touched my life but perhaps one of those that had the largest impact on my life is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Yes, I feel a bit typical and far from unique with that answer but it’s the truth. And a bit more truth would tell you that it was seeing the movie in the movie theater that actually brought me to the book and my crime spree of stealing these books from my brother’s shelf until I’d caught up and overtook him as the biggest Potterhead in the family.  Continue reading

British Literature Checklist

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How many of these books have you read?

Thank you Jess’ Reading Nook for putting together this list of essential British literature classics! (You can check out her post here). Feel free to join in! Copy and paste this into a post on your blog, link back to Jess’ post, and change the color of all the books you have read. Are there any you already have on your TBR list??

Read:      26 /50    TBR:      16/50  Continue reading

BRN #6: Genres, Subgenres, and Little Baby Llamas

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Differentiating genres is irritatingly difficult sometimes. I rather think most people don’t care but I like boxing and labeling things nice and tidy so yeah, sometimes I care haha. Anyway, I decided to share how I personally breakdown and define different “umbrella” genres using my own words and opinions, because why not? Keep in mind that this is a tangled messy web because books/movies/television/life can fall within multiple genres but they all tend to have one overarching genre.

FICTION is…  Continue reading