BRN #13: Querying Agents

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I’ve written a book (or two…or three). But I’m talking about the one that’s been through edits, revisions, and beta-readers. It’s YA. It’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy. And the few people who’ve read it assure me it’s good. But I tend not to trust the opinions of family and friends. Well…even if they lied and it’s terrible, at least I like it. I’m proud of it. I completed a task most people don’t even dare to attempt.


But now what? Well personally I’d love to land an agent and score a sweet book deal. There’s something annoyingly validating about having a stranger choose to pluck your book from anonymity and make it their job to have it shine. But it’s what I want and there seem to be rules and so off I go. Step one: Query Letter. Gross. Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award


First of all I’d like to say thank you to J.J. Azar for nominating me! It always means a lot to hear that someone enjoys my blog and all the random scattered thoughts and emotions that I manage to collect and shape into some semblance of a review. So, thank you very much!

If you haven’t visited his blog then you really must because his writing is just fabulous. It’s witty, intelligent, conversational, and I somehow always feel like I’ve learned something. His latest posts have been filled with writing tips and as an aspiring author myself I find them both entertaining and full of great advice.

Okay, onto this award that somehow little me was given…  Continue reading