Imperfect (Disappeared #1) by Bronwyn Kienapple (2015)
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YA Fiction | Historical Romance3 StarsBlurb:

“England, 1813. Lady Theodosia feels she has no choice but to marry a man she doesn’t love. That is until she stumbles into a different universe — an astonishing, mystical forest inhabited by the Nextic, a peaceful people who live close to nature.

Ahuil is fiercely independent until he meets Theodosia. Cut off from his own people, he nurses a dark secret. But in Theodosia he sees someone he can trust … and love. 

Theodosia is convinced she’s found paradise. But a great change is coming to Ahuil’s world. Half-beings roam the ruins of an unknown civilization and a growing mist appears to be preparing to wipe out his people — forever.

Torn between her family and a profound love, Theodosia is haunted by a question she cannot shake — in the face of terrible danger, how much is she willing to risk for love?

Two imperfect worlds. One unlikely romance. An impossible choice.

Imperfect takes you on an incredible journey that spans Regency England and a fantasy world unlike any you’ve ever imagined. Embrace the power of love and the yearning to be known in this tale of an irresistible heroine and the man who loves her, despite everything.”

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy to review!

Lady Theodosia most certainly does not belong in the Regency Era of England. She’s independent, stubborn, and different. Imperfect begins a series that follows Theo as her life transitions from a trapped miserable Earl’s daughter to a free love-struck heroine stuck in a world filled with demons.

This book is filled with magic, strange worlds, love, and adventure for sure.

The language was a bit odd at times occasionally teetering inconsistently between a formal, older English and merely a narrative geared towards younger minds with an occasional dip into the pool of modern English. But it’s not the end of the world, it was pretty easy to let your brain gloss over it and just enjoy the story.

Overall the plot was intriguing and kept me captivated as I sat down and read this whole story in one long sitting. It most certainly left me curious to know more about these half-beings that (to me) resemble a modern world (cars, super tall buildings, roller coasters,…). To be honest though I spent half the time trying to figure out where the heck it was all going. I felt like I was spinning my wheels watching this story unfold with no firm idea on how or why or what next. It’s odd because I was thoroughly entertained and rather captivated the whole time but when it was all said and done I realized that not much had really happened. I read a whole book where the protagonist has only barely begun her journey leaving her not that far from where she began. But points for keeping me hooked!

There are many questions left floating through my mind but I suppose to be fair it’s not like the characters understand any of it either. I suppose we’ll just have to be patient and wait for the sequel. Kienapple will definitely leave you hanging off the edge of a cliff with the ending filling you with endless wonder as to what will happen next.

Imperfect is romantic, enchanting, thrilling, and utterly intriguing. Lady Theodosia proves a determined young woman and Ahuil paces around as the pure embodiment of a strange handsome hero that might pop up in one of Theo’s books. A fine read for fans of historical fantasy.


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Meet Bronwyn Kienapple!

Bronwyn Kienapple

Bronwyn Kienapple is a Canadian writer and former publishing professional who quit her job to travel the world and write full time.

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