BRN #8: What?? Words.

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Loki what excuse me

Have you ever read a scene in a book that mentions something like “he snaked his arms around my waist pulling me closer” or something to that extent? 

Oooo gettin’ steamy!!!

 eyebrows steamy

Okay well sometimes my brain deflects intimacy because sometimes it decides to run away and leap into the awkward closet.

Run awaaaaaay!!!

monty python run away

Yep. Anyway. So almost every time I read a scene like that where they use the word “snaked” or “snaking” my brain ultimately dissolves into a fit of giggles completely killing the mood. I know the author is using the word in lieu of “wrapped” or “reached” or “pulled” or “wound” (etcetera) but I simply can’t help but picture two people on the brink of something more as they gaze into each other’s eyes forgetting to even breath and then…the handsome guy throws out his arms wiggling them wildly like a snake booking it across a desert only to hook around the lucky lady like a shepherd’s crook.


I mean, hey, points for descriptive ingenuity to the author but I’m sorry, my brain simply repels certain things and unfortunately this word is one of them.

Yessssss feel my strong manly armsssssss

Kaa jungle book

Okay, that’s it.

This was a short post and I know you were probably jumping into this completely expecting some sort of sudden twist of depth or the profound but nope. Well, maybe a bit of depth because I bet you psychology majors could do something with it to delve into a teeny corner of my psyche or something else equally creepy.

Anyhoo, just felt like sharing because sometimes a thread of utter randomness bubbles up in your mind and some irrational being (not Jiminy Cricket clearly) rises this urge within you to share it. With the world. Where it will be forever. Because as scary as it is and as little as we think about it the Internet is forever. Oh jeepers creepers. What have I done??



2 thoughts on “BRN #8: What?? Words.

  1. Hehe this really made me chuckle! I just finished reading a book where the phrase ‘he spun round’ or ‘her head snapped up’ was used dozens and dozens of times during character conversations and I got to the point where I just couldn’t take anymore!!!….. but i live to tell the tale 🙂

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