The War of Words

The War of Words (The Orphanage of Miracles #3) by Amy Neftzger (2016)
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the war of words

Middle Grade Fiction | Fantasy


“Battles against darkness, a quest for truth, and a search for the book that no one can read are all part of the fantasy adventure in The War of Words. As an evil sorcerer wages war with mysterious shadows and seeks to gain control by confusing the residents as to what s real and what isn’t, the fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of Kelsey and Nicholas.

As the youngest officer in the king s army, Kelsey fights the evil sorcerer s shadows on the battlefield as she explores the kingdom searching for the key to winning the war. Nicholas, a young sorcerer in training who is mastering his craft, discovers how the right words can change the course of the future. 

Explore an enchanted maze, uncover the power of words, and learn about friendship in this whimsical tale.”

Expected Publication Date: March 03, 2016

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the publisher & NetGalley for sending me a copy to review!

Written for middle grade readers Neftzger writes an interesting story that plays largely with words. Set in a fantasy realm one follows distinct characters as they explore life lessons, morals, friendship, and most importantly they learn how to navigate and manipulate words.

Words are the base to most, if not all, human societies. Words are how we communicate, whether by voice or by paper words string stories and futures and pasts and lives together. It’s so fascinating to think how a single word can have such a plethora of meanings, not only in and of the word itself but how it is used, where the word is placed, the intonation with which it is spoken, the context, everything. Words are weird magical necessities and thus make a perfect pairing with the fantasy genre. And as Neftzger is an author of both fiction and non-fiction it seems obvious that she truly understands and appreciates the weight and power that words wield.

The characters are interesting, the world building is intriguing, and the plot plods along at a comfortably brisk pace pulling us through this well-lengthed book. I admit I didn’t exactly read this whole book (hence why I marked it as DNF) but rather found myself resorting to skimming it. But I think that’s largely because I wasn’t its intended audience, not because the story wasn’t worth reading.

The War of Words is a young adventure filled with magic, battle, friendship, heroes and villains, and overflowing with the power of words. Amy Neftzger writes an exciting and fun quick read for any young fantasy fan.


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Meet Amy Neftzger!

amy neftzger

Amy Neftzger (born June 23) is an American researcher and author who has published fiction books, non-fiction books, business articles, and peer review research. Her works have reached an international audience.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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