BRN #9: Movie-Going Survey

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One of many film students at my ol’ University has some project about the move theater and shared his survey via Facebook. So I filled out and then thought maybe some of you would find it fun to fill out too!
Here is his official survey:
I decided to share my own answers below!



  1. How do you most often watch movies? [put them in order; 1=most often, 6=least often]
    1. Paid network (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon)
    2. Redbox
    3. Alternative non-payment streaming method
    4. Television
    5. Theater
    6. Other?
  2. What are the 3 most recent films you have seen in the theater?
    1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    2. Mocking Jay: Part 2
    3. The Scorch Trials
  3. What is/are your favorite film genre(s)?
    • Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy
  4. Do you enjoy movies with a specific rating more than others?
    • Yes
  5. If you checked ‘yes’, select all that apply:
    • PG13 and the occasional PG or R
  6. Do you usually attend the theater with others? If so, with whom?
    • Yes: friends or family
  7. Do you typically buy concessions? If so, how often?
    • No, are you crazy??
  8. Do you bring snacks with you into the theater?
    • Occasionally…but they best be eaten during the previews and put away when the feature film starts or you best watch yo’ self! #petpeeves
  9. What is your favorite aspect of the movie-going experience?
    • The movie. I love the immersive massive screen, the immersive surround sound, I love the completely immersive blacked out room, …basically I love going to the movie theater when I have money because the experience usually immerses me into the story. I’m sorry, did I use the word ‘immersive’ yet?
  10. What is your least favorite aspect of the movie-going experience?
    • I HATE PEOPLE TALKING OR BEING ON THEIR PHONES OR WHISPERING OR CRINKLING THEIR POPCORN OR SNACKS OR SLURPING THEIR STUPID DRINK OR PUTING THEIR FEET ON THE BACK OF MY CHAIR…I hate being in the movie theater with other people basically…and yet I hate going alone. What a conundrum, eh?
  11. What elements encourage you to see a film in the theater? [List your top 3]
    1. Cast
    2. Genre
    3. Other: plot
  12. Do you often get cold in the theater?
    • No
  13. Do you find the theater to be up to standard sanitation regulations?
    • Sure?
  14. How often do you attend the movies within a one-year span?
    • 5 or less
  15. What do you think is an adequate ticket price for films in the theater?
    • $5-10 but NO MORE THAN THAT, GOOD SIR.
  16. Given your suggested ticket price, how often do you predict you would attend movies per year?
    • At $5/movie I’d go maybe 20 times a year but that frequency goes down as the price goes up.
  17. Which is more appealing? The movie theater? Or a stay at home exhibition experience? Why?
    • THE MOVIE THEATER. Because it’s (wait for iiiit) immersive! It’s just me and the story with no distractions (or they will suffer my wrath) and I can escape reality for about 2 hours (although when you walk outside and it’s somehow nighttime and your whole timeline is screwed up you almost wonder if you did go to Narnia for a minute).
    • I don’t mind watching movies I’ve already seen before at home but if it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it or if it’s a movie I really love then I demand ABSOLUTE QUIET AND STILLNESS (I mean you can laugh at the funny parts or whatever…).
  18. Would you consider yourself a cinephile?
    • No, perhaps not…?
  19. How much does the theater experience matter in your movie-going decision on a scale of 1-10?
    • 8
  20. Do you work at a movie theater?
    • No
  21. Do you work in a film-related industry or have achieve(ed/ing) an education studying film at a collegiate level?
    • Yes

Yes this was a totally random post, and also utterly non-book related, but sometimes surveys can be fun or at least get you thinking about its topic. In this case I’m left wanting to see a movie at the theater but knowing that I can’t afford it so I’ll probably just find something on Netflix and pop my own popcorn (yum). I love books but I also really do love going to the movies. The best is when my favorite books become movies because even if they don’t do the book justice the filmmakers often have the talent to let the movies stand on their own and so I can watch them and revel in their own telling of a favorite story.

Any book-to-film adaptations you’d recommend? What ones have you hated/loved? Comment below!


Dan understands me, haha 🙂

2 thoughts on “BRN #9: Movie-Going Survey

  1. I haven’t been to see a film since James Bond last year (my treat for publishing my first book). I love the experience for the same reasons as you.
    Now I’m desperate to go again, but it costs so much and has to be a really special film to pay out £20 for 2 tickets!

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