The Girl I Used to Be

The Girl I Used to Be by April Henry (2016)
-eARC Review-

the girl i used to be
YA Fiction | Mystery | Thriller
4 Stars

“When Olivia’s mother was killed, everyone suspected her father of murder. But his whereabouts remained a mystery. Fast forward fourteen years. New evidence now proves Olivia’s father was actually murdered on the same fateful day her mother died. That means there’s a killer still at large. It’s up to Olivia to uncover who that may be. But can she do that before the killer tracks her down first?”

Expected Publication Date: May 03, 2016 

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy to review!

The Girl I Used to Be was one heck of a ride. A classic ‘who dunnit’ cold murder case. The town has settled after the horrible murder of Naomi Benson but 14 years later the case is re-opened after new evidence is found indicating that Naomi’s boyfriend, Terry, was also murdered and probably around the same time as Naomi. No one found Naomi’s murderer, but now that Olivia’s father has been found dead as well she decides to move back to Medford and find out the truth for herself and for her parents. With no other witnesses besides her three-year old self, it’s up to Olivia to uncover the truth or die trying.

This book was a good length for this type of story, not too long but not too short either. Actually I think this could make a good movie. I mean, perhaps it’s not a wholly original concept but the characters and the storytelling made it feel different. (Then again, when you’ve read/watched all of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple & Hercule Poirot mysteries then just about any mystery will feel somewhat familiar).

Details kept each moment vivid, moving and alive. We watch as Olivia returns to Medford and eyes the other town members curious as to who the murderer might be. There’s a chance it could have been a serial killer but the police believe that this type of violent murder points to someone who knew them, a crime of passion. Medford is a small town, everyone knows everyone, they all grew up together, so how could it possibly be one of them? But Olivia refuses to be fooled and she stalks the ghost trail with ferocity.

Quite a good read in my opinion. I was held captivated and I let my mind swirl endlessly trying to guess who the murderer was and why they did it. Written with a great deal of realism, insight, and emotion this book kept the plot racing forwards and the adrenaline surging through its pages.

The Girl I Used to Be is an intense thriller that seeks truth and vengeance for the slaughter of a couple in the winter woods. Gritty, real, small town, and driven, this story is one that will keep your heart pounding from start to finish.


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Meet April Henry!

April Henry

I write mysteries and thrillers. I live in Portland, Oregon with my family.

When I was 12, I sent a short story about a six-foot tall frog who loved peanut butter to Roald Dahl, the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He liked it so much he arranged to have it published in an international children’s magazine.
My dream of writing went dormant until I was in my 30s, working at a corporate job, and started writing books on the side. Those first few years are now thankfully a blur. Now I’m very lucky to make a living doing what I love. I have written 13 novels for adults and teens, with more on the way.

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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