The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman

The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady Stefani (2016)
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the alienation of courtney hoffman
Teen Fiction | Sci-Fi | Paranormal | Aliens
3.5 Stars

“Fifteen year old Courtney wants to be normal like her friends. But there’s something frighteningly different about her—and it’s not just the mysterious tattoo her conspiracy-obsessed grandfather marked her with when she was a child. “Mental illness is a slippery slope,” her mother warns her. And the last thing Courtney wants to do is end up crazy and dead like her grandfather did. 

But what about the tattoo? And the alien scouts who visit Courtney in her bedroom at night claiming to have shared an alliance with her grandfather? And her new friend Agatha’s apocalyptic visions? They have to be connected. Courtney has a mission: untangle her past, discover the truth, and stop the apocalypse before anyone from school finds out she’s missing.”

Publication Date: June 7, 2016 

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a copy to review!

“The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman” haha I see what you did there.

This story is a pure alien story through and through. Filled with hallucinations, parallel universes, nighttime visitations, secret societies, and the potential ending of the world. Courtney Hoffman is the story’s protagonist and her life quickly collides into Agatha, the only person who seems not only to believe her but pushes her to chase the truth.

It’s such an interesting twist of crazy and true. Courtney is constantly at battle with the spiral of mental instability and impossible reality. Is she losing her mind or are her nightmares coming to life?

Plenty of psych wards, evil scientists, cults, wormholes, insane theories, and constant action shove the plot along. Just when things seems to have fallen into a familiar, if not comfortable, rhythm something happens to shake it up. I’d definitely recommend this book to any total sci-fi/paranormal/alien loving readers. The whole book is kind of crazy, nerdy, and freakish but in a good way. Lots of fun to read indeed.

The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman is an electric adventure full of the insane and the impossible. Aliens could not only be real but be close enough to reach out and…then again, Courtney could just be crazy after all. A fun exciting read through and through.


P.S. Can we all form a club where we get to line up and each take a turn slapping Courtney’s mom across the face or punching her nose? Please? Ugh that woman is utterly unbearable. Narrow-minded self-righteous people are the worst, aren’t they? Blehhhh!

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Meet Brady G. Stefani!

Brady Stefani

The truth is I was never good at being normal. Sometimes that can be a good thing. But too often while growing up I was left feeling like an outsider, uncomfortable in my own skin.
By ninth grade, I was fervently tearing through books, writing short stories of my own, and dreaming of my future life as an accomplished author.At last, I would be understood! Then during summer vacation after my junior year of high school I was in a car accident and clunked my head. After two weeks in the hospital, they let me go home. I looked like the same old Brady. But I was different. Really different!

Eventually, like the protagonists of many books I’d read, I found my way through the fog. I went to college, graduated from law school, and went on with my life. But my trauma and experiences still haunt me, and in writing I find solace.

I live in Royal Oak, Michigan, with my wife and twin boys. It’s where I write, practice law, play superheroes, revel and muse, and generally try not to draw attention to myself.
-Brady’s website

Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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