BRN #11: Presidential Dog Fight of 2016 for the Prized Bone called the U.S. of A.

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I know I’m writing this last minute in the season but I just can’t keep my mind from endlessly spinning around this unavoidable topic. It plagues me on social media, traditional media, and even the people I see day to day. I can’t get away from it, but thanks goodness I am trained at holding my tongue. I’ve avoided publicly voicing my opinions because no one wants to hear another person’s opinions unless they align with theirs. We like to think we’re open-minded but more often than not we tend to be quite close-minded indeed, myself included. Anyway, I decided to write a little about what my cyclic thoughts have been pondering. This by no means encapsulates all of my thoughts or opinions but it’s a start and there is just something surprisingly therapeutic about voicing your thoughts…well, it’s therapeutic until some rogue who disagrees explodes in your face. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen, but if it does, well, I’m sorry you have nothing better to do than spit on your neighbor.

What the heck do I know? Maybe very little. Maybe nothing at all. All I know is that I’m a 22-year old “legally blind” biracial woman living in a broken world who is afraid to give up but is also very tired of hoping that anything will truly change. This is just a few of my unasked for thoughts on the United States of America’s presidential election of 2016. Read at your own risk 😉

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Many citizens of the great U.S. of A. remain dumbfounded by the 2016 Presidential election. How has it gotten so out of control? How can Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump come so far? It is astounding that such candidates are offered up as the best potential leaders of this historic nation. There can be little doubt that the founding fathers of this country are weeping. Visit their graves and it shall come as no surprise that the earth appears damp with their sorrow.

Many citizens cry out in shock and dismay with the impossible choice put before them. It has turned many voices sour as they willfully choose to pass over their right to vote in this election as they are unable to, in good conscience, vote for a snake or a pig. When neither option is a healthy option, whom does one vote for? Perhaps the most logical decision would be to have a do-over. It is remarkable how many people, particularly in the suffocating middle class, would agree to such an act with great earnest.

Such a momentous act remains impossible. Why? Think of all the money that has been poured into the current campaigns! No human departs with their money freely or joyfully so to find that their donated wages were all for naught would be catastrophic. It hardly matters, for those desperate voices opposed to the final candidates in this campaign are steady but quiet. They belong largely to the middle class, which once more finds itself ignored as the minorities receive all the greedy attention.

The poor want more money, the rich want to keep their money, so the middle class suffers from failed experiments such as ObamaCare and other taxes that glance off of the wealthy and land in the laps of the comfortable majority: those with enough money for most of their needs and some of their wants, also known as the Middle Class.

Those with minority lifestyles scream for religions to accept them, the religious groups either comply out of cowardice or refuse and are crucified. Why should any religion founded over a millennia ago and is steeped in ancient practices, historical fact, and teachings from God(s) stoop to the squabbles of petulant children? If one does not believe in a religion then they simply do not follow it but search for something that speaks to their own heart, they do not stomp their foot and throw a religion in chains whipping its back until it bows to their demands.

It is a wonderful thing to desire every citizen equal care, equal freedom, equal satisfaction, however it will always be impossible unless one can achieve a true utopia and that remains impossible for human nature will never allow it, at least not in such large numbers. There will always be the downtrodden and overlooked, there will always be the spoiled ignorant elite, but please hope beyond hope that the middle class never dies.

This brings us back to the current 2016 Presidential election. How has such a remarkable institution, one that proved every opposing 18th C. nation wrong, corroded and fallen so far? The saying remains true: ‘Nothing good can last.’

This year the citizens of the United States of America are faced with two major party candidates to choose between to receive the honor and responsibility of leading this country for the next four years. Hilary promises… Trump plans to… But alas, their positions on issues that matter have fallen lost upon the howling wind of the arguments and scandals between them.

The Republicans shake their fists and purpled in the face they shout that Hilary Clinton is a thief and a liar. The Democrats retaliate with pointed fingers and disgust smeared across their lips as they spit that Donald Trump is a chauvinistic pig. The insults go back and forth and back and forth and they drown out the vast majority of the public who wave their hands frantically in an attempt to stop them and urge them to simply speak of their personal convictions and plans for Presidency. Trying to stop the media’s greedy lustful feast upon the scandals of Trump and the pantsuits of Hilary is like trying to stop a train barreling down a hill at full speed, one will only be crushed and forgotten.

Is it true that Hilary is a criminal? It is. That is not opinion, it is fact backed up by evidence. She has committed crimes that have been done before by others, the only difference is that she is not currently sitting in a cell in prison. Hilary’s cool control and lovely smile protect her from her civilian voters while her cavernous bank accounts and generations of power shield her from any true legal consequences. Her campaign alters itself to include all minorities with the loudest voices: LGBTQ groups, feminist leaders, black lives, and others. It’s a smart move because she is choosing to support what the loudest voice in the country believes in. Who? The media. She has won their support and with it has made massive strides in this election.

Is it true that Trump is a pig? It is. That also is not opinion but fact backed up evidence. He has on a multitude of occasions shown lack of respect towards women, towards religions, towards other ethnicities, and towards his fellow citizens. Trump’s no-nonsense speeches and lack of filter gain him support with the people whom are fed up with losing their hard earned money to help every downtrodden soul, with losing the right to participate in a religion that stays true to its foundations without being shamed and berated.

While Hilary is a seasoned politician, Trump is a bumbling fool, and yet hesitate to call one worse than the other. Trump may be a little spoiled boy in big pants and red power tie, and he may be the worst role model one could possibly choose, but he will be hindered and regulated by the hundreds upon hundreds of fellow members of government. He cannot simply waltz into a war room and push the red button sending nuclear weapons at his leisure. Hilary may be calm, professional, intelligent, and experienced, but she has trespassed over laws. Yes, Trump has avoided paying taxes for years but he has managed to do so legally. Hilary’s crimes are illegal and yet she avoids punishment. A mere slap on the wrist, a mere kink in her day’s schedule, but no actual punishment. It’s almost terrifying what she can do without the people ever knowing. Some people feel safer because Trump wears no mask to cover who he is (this is also why people loathe him because they’ve seen who he is). In this same way people embrace Hilary for the persona she puts forth (but she wears a politician’s mask, not uncommon, and it is this that Trump’s supporters do not trust).

Where have the days gone when equal but fair candidates took the stage, both with honorable intentions to win the Presidency of this great nation? A more hesitant question is were they ever there or is the past always to be cast in a romanticized glamour that highlights the nostalgia of its greatness against the stark ugliness of the present? Perhaps nothing good can last, perhaps the goodness is only a matter of perception, but it does not matter so long as something broken can also be fixed.

On November 8th, 2016 the people of the U.S. of A. will line up to vote in one of six ways: 1) they will vote for whom they believe will make a better leader of this nation; 2) they will vote against the candidate whom they loathe the most; 3) they will close their eyes and wait until they stand in the voting booth to make a purely gut-dictated decision; 4) they will vote for a minority party, even if it’s deemed pointless; 5) they will write in a name, someone not on the ballot, or word, and most of those words will not be suitable for print in a respectable publication; 6) they will abstain from voting, unable to sign their name with candidates so unfit to hold this seat of office.

People will do what they will, think what they think, believe what they believe, and as selfish as people may be in wanting to control those actions, thoughts, and beliefs, they cannot. It is selfish to make someone do what you want and it destroys the once prized tenant of humanity: individualism. Giving everyone what they want, even if it impedes upon the rights of others, simply because it is “fair” is not freedom, it’s selfishness dressed up as a good-hearted idealistic fool. True freedom, true individualism means that some will rise and some will fall, as it has always been and always shall be. There is no utopia, but that does not mean we cannot fill our own individual lives with kindness, goodness, and understanding. It just means it will be a bit harder to do so.

So, people will vote for whom they vote for and a candidate will be elected president. No matter who wins time will move forwards, the world will turn onwards, and all this nation can do is hope for the best and learn from the past (something we very rarely do well).

This lengthy spout of woe sets down the pen and turns its gaze out the window lost in three thoughts: Have we fallen so far? What does the future hold for us? No matter the answers, we shall survive.


P.S. Random, but yes I have a 4′ tall portrait of George Washington thanks to my brother and his job as a P.A. in the art department for a film production. It’s awesome. Also, yes, like almost every other cool person I’m obsessed with the Broadway musical, Hamilton. Listen to it and revel in its nerdy awesomeness.

George Washington

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