Down the TBR Hole #5

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Another month, another batch of books up on the chopping block! In an effort to cut down my ever-growing TBR list I’ve selected another five seven hopefuls that I’m trying to decide whether I should keep them and read them, or scratch them off my list and wave them farewell. 

As always I greatly appreciate your opinions and help!

I wish I could read them all but there just isn’t enough time! It’s like chasing an ever-moving finish line.

(This post was inspired by Lia @ Lost in a Story. To read more about it and how this post series works check out my first post here

The Books


the assassin game

The Assassin Game
by Kirsty McKay


Who will be left after lights out?
Tag, you’re it…
It’s 4:00 a.m. when they come for me. I am already awake, strung out on the fear that they will come, and the fear that they won’t. When I finally hear the click of the latch on the dormitory door, I have only a second to brace myself before—

At Cate’s isolated boarding school, Killer is more than a game—it’s an elite secret society. Members must avoid being “Killed” during a series of thrilling pranks, and only the Game Master knows who the “Killer” is.”

My Thoughts:
This books sounds so creepy but awesome. If this were a movie I’d think twice before watching it at nighttime. The thing is, is this book a better idea than it is a book? Have you read it? What did you think?


three dark crowns

Three Dark Crowns (Three Dark Crowns #1)
by Kendare Blake


“Every generation on the island of Fennbirn, a set of triplets is born: three queens, all equal heirs to the crown and each possessor of a coveted magic. Mirabella is a fierce elemental, able to spark hungry flames or vicious storms at the snap of her fingers. Katharine is a poisoner, one who can ingest the deadliest poisons without so much as a stomachache. Arsinoe, a naturalist, is said to have the ability to bloom the reddest rose and control the fiercest of lions.

But becoming the Queen Crowned isn’t solely a matter of royal birth. Each sister has to fight for it. And it’s not just a game of win or lose…it’s life or death. The night the sisters turn sixteen, the battle begins. The last queen standing gets the crown.”

My Thoughts:
This series has been all over my Twitter since before this first book was released. But just because there’s a lot of hype doesn’t mean it’s actually that good. I’ve heard it’s amazing but I’ve also heard that it’s slow and not as good as its cover is gorgeous. Thoughts?? Are those just salty trolls? Or are the fangirls too easily won? Should I keep this on my list?


my sister rosa

My Sister Rosa
by Justine Larbalestier


“What if the most terrifying person you’d ever met was your ten-year old sister?

‘I promise,’ said Rosa. ‘I won’t kill and I won’t make anyone else kill.’
I can’t see the loophole. Since the guinea pig there’s been nothing. Months now without Rosa killing as much as a mosquito.
As far as I know.

Che’s little sister Rosa is smart, talented, pretty, and so good at deception that Che’s convinced she must be a psychopath. She hasn’t hurt anyone yet, but he’s certain it’s just a matter of time. But his first duty is to his sister Rosa, who is playing increasingly complex and disturbing games. Can he protect Rosa from the world – and the world from Rosa?”

My Thoughts:
I actually haven’t heard very much about this one but it intrigues me. I’m just not sure if I’m intrigued enough. The idea has great potential but I’d like to hear some of your opinions. Should I give it a go?



A Natural History of Dragons (The Memoirs of Lady Trent #1)
by Marie Brennan


“All the world, from Scirland to the farthest reaches of Eriga, know Isabella, Lady Trent, to be the world’s preeminent dragon naturalist. She is the remarkable woman who brought the study of dragons out of the misty shadows of myth and misunderstanding into the clear light of modern science. But before she became the illustrious figure we know today, there was a bookish young woman whose passion for learning, natural history, and, yes, dragons defied the stifling conventions of her day.

Here at last, in her own words, is the true story of a pioneering spirit who risked her reputation, her prospects, and her fragile flesh and bone to satisfy her scientific curiosity; of how she sought true love and happiness despite her lamentable eccentricities; and of her thrilling expedition to the perilous mountains of Vystrana, where she made the first of many historic discoveries that would change the world forever.”

My Thoughts:
Dragons are awesome. I mean, I’d be terrified if they were real but otherwise yeah they’re pretty cool. This book gives me Newt Scamander/Fantastic Beasts vibes which is exciting but I wonder if this book can really balance adventure and intrigue with fictional facts and breakdowns on species of dragons. Have any of you read it?




Ever the Hunted (Clash of Kingdoms #1)
by Erin Summerill

“Seventeen year-old Britta Flannery is at ease only in the woods with her dagger and bow. She spends her days tracking criminals alongside her father, the legendary bounty hunter for the King of Malam—that is, until her father is murdered. Now outcast and alone and having no rights to her father’s land or inheritance, she seeks refuge where she feels most safe: the Ever Woods. When Britta is caught poaching by the royal guard, instead of facing the noose she is offered a deal: her freedom in exchange for her father’s killer.
However, it’s not so simple.
The alleged killer is none other than Cohen McKay, her father’s former apprentice. The only friend she’s ever known.”

My Thoughts:
On one hand this book is the typical type of book that I tend to pick up. But it also sounds like a stack of others books that I’ve read or heard about. I’m tempted to pass over this book because I have a feeling it’s going to be a nice fun read but too cliche to really be worth paying for. But I could be totally wrong! What if this book is really good and I miss out? Have any of you read it? What did you think?


the female of the species

The Female of the Species
by Mindy McGinnis

“Alex Craft knows how to kill someone. And she doesn’t feel bad about it. When her older sister, Anna, was murdered three years ago and the killer walked free, Alex uncaged the language she knows best. The language of violence.

While her crime goes unpunished, Alex knows she can’t be trusted among other people, even in her small hometown. She relegates herself to the shadows, a girl who goes unseen in plain sight, unremarkable in the high school hallways.

But Jack Fisher sees her. So does Peekay, the preacher’s kid.

Circumstances bring Alex, Jack, and Peekay together as their senior year unfolds. While partying one night, Alex’s darker nature breaks out, setting the teens on a collision course that will change their lives forever.”

My Thoughts:
I have heard lots of good stuff about this book and it sounds really good. Actually it sort of sounds like the type of book that would make for a really good Netflix show. But despite my definite intrigue it’s not one that jumps to the forefront of my mind when I’m wandering the aisles of a bookstore or library. Should I hunt this one down or let it go by? What did you think? Or are you planning on reading it?


revenge of the wild

Revenge and the Wild
by Michelle Modesto

“The two-bit town of Rogue City is a lawless place, full of dark magic and saloon brawls, monsters and six-shooters. But it’s perfect for seventeen-year-old Westie, the notorious adopted daughter of local inventor Nigel Butler.

Westie was only a child when she lost her arm and her family to cannibals on the wagon trail. Nine years later, Westie may seem fearsome with her foul-mouthed tough exterior and the powerful mechanical arm built for her by Nigel, but the memory of her past still haunts her. She’s determined to make the killers pay for their crimes—and there’s nothing to stop her except her own reckless ways.”

My Thoughts:
This sounds like carnival mayhem + western adventure + steampunk flavor! But is it? Have any of you read this one? It sounds exciting but I’m also worried it won’t be as twisty and gripping as I’d like. I’m tired of books that are cliche or predictable. I want to root out those from my TBR and keep the good ones that will keep me reading through the night!


Once again, thank you for your help and for participating in this fun post!
😊 You’re all the best!


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