A Mark Unwilling

A Mark Unwilling (The Reckoning #1) by Candace Wondrak (2018)
-eARC Review-

a mark unwilling

YA/NA Fiction | Paranormal | Apocalypse
3.5 StarsBlurb:

“Lexa Blue thought she had her life figured out. She’d go to college, maybe get a job, and wait until the Demon whose Mark she bears comes to collect her soul. No real concrete plans since it wouldn’t matter in the end. What she did not expect was the end of the world. 

Conquest. War. Pestilence. Death.

Even with her trusted Warlock friend, David, Lexa is clueless about how to stop the apocalypse—but she’ll still try; because of her Mark, she can’t die. Who better to fight the Horsemen?

It’s not that simple. With a prophetic girl as a new sidekick, a group of Vampires who’re suspect, and an FBI Agent who somehow knows her connection to the biblical figures, Lexa’s life is going to get a heck of a lot worse before it gets better.

When her Demon finally comes to claim her, will she be ready?

…Probably not.”

Expected Publication Date: May 01, 2018 

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

A Mark Unwilling is an action-packed tale of the Apocalypse with a snarky heroine who gets a front row seat to the chaos unfolding on earth. Teeming with the paranormal, an unexpected ragtag group set on facing the End, and an interesting twist on the apocalyptic theme that keeps the story intriguing and raging forwards.

If you enjoy a main character with an arsenal of sarcasm and snark then you’ll enjoy reading this book from Lexa’s POV. Marked since birth she faces life only wondering when the mysterious demon who bought her soul will come to claim her. That is, if the world doesn’t end first. Watching everything unfold from her eyes was an entertaining read to be sure. And all the other characters were just as interesting. The plot is filled with vampires, cults, warlocks, demons, and even the devil himself. This was definitely a fun but dark YA/NA paranormal read so be sure to keep an eye out for it!


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Meet Candace Wondrak!

candace wondrak

Hey guys! I’m a writer, an office worker, a wife, a mother to two dogs and two cats, and half of a strange pair of young adults who flip the houses they’re living in with the goal of having no mortgage (so that I can eventually focus on my writing career!). Needless to say, I’m busy.

Still, I somehow find time to write, to read, and to enjoy life. Wish there were more hours in the day, really!

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