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I am an avid reader and a dedicated book blogger but sometimes I get requests from authors to review their books and unfortunately I just don’t have the time in my busy schedule and/or perhaps it’s just not quite my thing. So every once in a while instead of reading/reviewing their book, I’ll agree to put together a little post to help pass along the word in case any of you readers out there will find it interesting. This time it seems the book roulette has landed on a time-travel sci-fi. I’m not sure it’s quite for me but maybe it’ll interest some of you. Here we go… 


Eternity’s Echoes (Shade Master #1) by Evan Hirson (2018)

eternity's echoes

Science Fiction | Time Travel
151 Pages (Kindle Edition)
Publication Date: March 03, 2018

Aaron was a promising software designer with an upcoming company. He shared a quaint house on the outskirts of town with his best friends; another young man and two girls.
They’d known each other since school, and lived together peacefully for years with few problems.
Travis the newcomer however had a dark way about him, and all of Aaron’s attempts to get along with him had failed.
But just as the household began to settle down again, a strange device with a peculiar attitude entered their lives.
Would it fulfill all of their dreams, or instead become a curse?

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Excerpt #1
There was a noticeable moment of silence before Travis spoke again, “So what if I went back in time and stepped on a bug?”

“No silly,” Pris chortled, “that’s largely a myth. It’s more likely you’d be squashed by a falling elephant.”

Excerpt #2
On landing at their destination, they found themselves on a small mountain plateau. All around the natural earth table they stood upon, a primeval panorama stretched to the horizon. The air was fresher than Aaron had ever known. Far away in the distance, a smoking volcano discolored the sky. A stiff breeze ruffled his hair, and the sticky sultry day warmed his skin.
But to his great surprise they weren’t alone. Two men and a woman stood beside a device mounted on a tripod. They wore pale green and gray tight fitting clothes, and weren’t at all startled by the intrusion.
The young man, and older woman, remained focused on their work. The third whiskered middle aged man turned to face them. His hand extended to greet them, and his smiling acknowledgment quickly soothed any fears.
Aaron excitedly stepped forward to shake his hand.
“I’m Jonsi Tahl,” said the other man. “We’re here from the twenty seventh century. By your appearance I’d say you’re from the twenty first.”
Aaron hadn’t expected to run into anyone. But Pris wouldn’t have recommended the site if it wasn’t safe. “Yes, I’m Aaron,” he shakily replied. “It’s good to meet you, but aren’t you concerned that we possess a time device?”
“That’s not our job,” said Jonsi. “We’re just here to observe. We prefer to leave the policing of the continuum to the Shade. Since its inception, it’s become very efficient at the task. Things are always fluid and moving. Sooner or later the current will bring the device back to us again. Any interference from us might even make things worse.”
Aaron was relieved to hear it. “We didn’t mean to intrude,” he said. “We just didn’t realize anyone else would be here.”
“I think you’ll find there aren’t many sites of this kind which aren’t already frequented,” said Jonsi. “We’ll be here for most of the day. But you’re very welcome to share our provisions.”
“Thank you, but we won’t be here for long,” Mara assured him.


I grew up in the sunny state of Western Australia, but never really took to the hot weather. I also didn’t care for the dry Australian bushland, and for a long time wished I’d been born somewhere else. As time went by, it eventually grew on me, and now it just feels like home.

I was quite a prolific reader in my youth, and spent most of my breaks reading Greek mythology and scifi in the school library. For sometime after that I was still hooked, and read whatever scifi I could lay my hands on. That aside, only a few books ever really left a deep impression on me, and I eventually drifted away from reading. In the past there never seemed to be enough incentive to try my hand at writing, but however this latest adventure works out, it’s certainly been an interesting experience so far.

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