Bunnicula (Bunnicula #1) by James & Deborah Howe (1979)

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Children’s Fiction | Paranormal
5 starsBlurb:

Is he or isn’t he a vampire?

Before it’s too late, Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in the Monroe household — a suspicious-looking bunny with unusual habits… and fangs!”

pooled ink Review:

I remember reading this book (and a few others in the series of standalones) as a kid way back in elementary school and loving them. Written to be a bit creepy but above all rather amusing, I unexpectedly found myself drawn to this adorable furry creature with fangs. The tagline on the cover, “Today vegetables…Tomorrow the world!” still makes me grin even now! Harold and Chester (the family’s pet dog and cat) are frightened and must solve the mystery of this mysterious new pet in their home, but while the plot is set up as a spooky mystery it remains adorable at heart. I think this is a safe read for young kids (as a kid and to this day as an adult I cannot stand scary books or movies so that’s telling you something) and will appeal to those who enjoy books such as the Goosebumps series or even those who shy away from such tales (like me. lol.).

Being raised by an English father I of course have watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail many a time and my on-going theory is that Bunnicula is the great great great etc. grandchild of the infamous “rabbit with fangs” guarding the cave to the Grail haha! Even though this book, like that movie, is from decades past it holds up strong and remains a favorite for many. In fact the moment I discovered that Barnes & Noble was selling autographed 40th Anniversary editions I drove there immediately and snagged my copy! I included a couple pictures below (and if the cover image looks a bit fuzzy that’s because it is fuzzy! hehe).

Needless to say I recommend this book with nostalgia and gusto so I hope if you gift this book to a kid or to yourself that it will be enjoyed just as much as I enjoy it.


40th Anniversary Edition


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Celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the fluffy and fearsome classic Bunnicula with this pocket-sized edition, perfect for accompanying readers on all their mischievous adventures. This special edition includes bonus content and a deluxe cover that looks and feels as eerily delightful as the story within!

James & Deborah Howe

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Website | Goodreads

James Howe has written more than eighty books in the thirty-plus years he’s been writing for young readers. It sometimes confuses people that the author of the humorous Bunnicula series also wrote the dark young adult novel, The Watcher, or such beginning reader series as Pinky and Rex and the E.B. White Read Aloud Award-winning Houndsley and Catina and its sequels. But from the beginning of his career (which came about somewhat by accident after asking himself what kind of vampire a rabbit might make), he has been most interested in letting his imagination take him in whatever direction it cared to. So far, his imagination has led him to picture books, such as I Wish I Were a Butterfly and Brontorina (about a dinosaur who dreams of being a ballerina), mysteries, poetry (in the upcoming Addie on the Inside), and fiction that deals with issues that matter deeply to him. He is especially proud of The Misfits, which inspired national No Name-Calling Week (www.nonamecallingweek.org) and its sequel Totally Joe. He does not know where his imagination will take him in the next thirty-plus years, but he is looking forward to finding out.

Deborah Howe with her husband James Howe was the author of the classic children’s tale Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery. After her death, the Bunnicula series was continued by James.

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