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Brace yourself for my latest tour stop! Today I’m happy to share with you all about THE GRIM ALLIANCE, the second book in The Infidel series by author Angela R. Watts! An epic, twisting dystopian tale that will draw you in only to claim your breath. Keep reading my post for more on the book, the author, a fun guest post, and a giveaway!

The Book

The Grim Alliancce

(The Infidel #2)
Angela R. Watts
YA Fiction | Dystopia
July 24, 2020
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The Second Civil War storms through the crippled US and winter brings nothing but disaster. West Johnston has earned his mafia father’s trust while searching for hidden answers: why are the UN leaders being assassinated, and why can’t the killers be found? If West can’t stop the Union from attacking D.C. in their last attempt to win the war, how can he stop his father?

Springtown remains one of the few townships left standing amid the tyrannical rule. Another group of gangsters prepare the town for winter. Rene’ Fisher is torn between fearing for her boyfriend Simon’s life and the upheaval taking place in Springtown. Can her father keep the town at peace? Will God have mercy on the allegiance the town must form with an unlikely candidate in order to survive, or will Rene’s home burn like the rest of the world?

Told in multiple bold, abrasive narratives, THE GRIM ALLIANCE steps into a war-ridden nation where bleeding for what you believe is the only option for those determined to win. But with faith, can even the bloodiest hands be made clean?

Read Book One: THE DIVIDED NATION (The Infidel #1)
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The Guest Post:


Hello, y’all! Angela R. Watts here! I’m so grateful that Angela (*X Files theme plays in the background*) is welcoming me to guest post on her blog. It isn’t often I do factoid posts, so I hope y’all enjoy this one. I know I did! (I also enjoy speaking of myself in third person, so brace yourselves!)


  1. Angela is a brown belt in Wado Ryu karate! She is a 5’1 tough cookie and not afraid to own it. She placed first place for kata and second place for sparring one year, and third place for kata the next year. (Even if she needs help opening jars and stuff sometimes…) 
  2. Angela lives on a farm with horses, dogs, cats,and fish, but she’s also raised goats, chickens, ducks, and birds. Her most recent animal obsession are aquatic mystery snails, but don’t get her started about those. She knows too much about them. It’ll get weird.
  3. Angela has never left the US! But she plans to, someday. She isn’t even picky where she’ll go. Mexico? Scotland? Canada? Who knows!
  4. Angela used to have an imaginary friend, but when Angela stopped playing with her, Angela created a story of how the friend was killed in a train wreck.
  5. Not much bothered Angela as a child, but the movie “All Dogs Go To Heaven” did the trick. (Dogs go to heaven. You can’t change her mind.)
  6. Angela likes to sing. Not many people know this. You especially couldn’t tell because of the fact she listens to rock music 85% of the time and can’t sing very deep. This doesn’t stop her!

The Grim Alliance quote


  1. 7. It takes place shortly after The Divided Nation, The Infidel Books #1, so Angela encourages readers to enjoy the series in order!
  2. It tackles tough topics like controlling government, lack of personal liberties, human trafficking, PTSD and trauma, and much more.
  3. The Grim Alliance is full of diverse characters. Some are snarky, some are serious. Some are broken, some are bomb proof. Some are fearless, some are scared. They clash heads, but in the end, this series is packed full of loyalty!
  4. Would you like some humor with your angst? Don’t worry, this series isn’t all pain and tears! Characters within these pages know that laughter is the best medicine (besides morphine), so you’ll probably smile at least once. (If your sense of humor is deranged, like Angela’s, you’ll laugh a few times!)


Angela is OBSESSED with music, so The Infidel Books have MANY playlists! You can find most of them on her Spotify. Enjoy!

Thank you Angela (the author) for guest posting on Pooled Ink! It was great getting to know you and I hope my followers will soon become your readers!
~Angela (the blogger)

The Author

Angela R Watts

Angela R. Watts is a YA fiction author who strives to glorify the Lord in all she does. She’s a homeschool graduate  living at Step By Step Sanctuary, Tennessee, though with Gypsy and Norwegian in her blood, she tends to travel. She’s been writing stories since she was little, but also enjoys chores, painting, and watching sunsets.

Website | Amazon | Goodreads
Facebook | Instagram

The Giveaway

The Grim Alliance giveaway

US shipping only. If an international winner is drawn, they will receive an ebook only.

1st place: paperback copy of The Grim Alliance + bookmark
2nd place: ebook copy of The Grim Alliance


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