Fangs by Sarah Andersen (2020)

Comics | Fiction | Paranormal Romance


A new gothic romance story from the creator of the enormously popular Sarah’s Scribbles comics.

Vamp is three hundred years old but in all that time, she has never met her match. This all changes one night in a bar when she meets a charming werewolf. FANGS chronicles the humor, sweetness, and awkwardness of meeting someone perfectly suited to you but also vastly different.”

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pooled ink Review:

A short review for a short book: This was so cute and fun! I read it in just one sitting and was grinning the entire time. Do I wish there was just a wee bit more to make it more of a longer fuller deeper super adorable wonderful never let it end (did I already say “adorable”?) vampire werewolf love story??? Obviously, because it’s so cute I can’t help but want more, but I still love it as a collection of individual comics that connect to a general plot line (more of a classic cartoon series style than a graphic novel). Definitely give it a look because it was funny, quirky, and adorable. I love the art style, the humor, and the unexpected relatability. I will be keeping an eye out for more! And hey, if Andersen ever wants to tackle expanding this gothic romantic tale into a graphic novel then I will be first in line to read and devour it.


Meet Sarah Andersen!

Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m a cartoonist and illustrator. I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 and currently live in Brooklyn. My comics are semi-autobiographical and follow the adventures of myself, my friends, and my beloved pets.

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