One-line Reviews: December 2020

So most of you know (and if you don’t it’s easy to figure out *blushes*) that I tend to write lengthy, sprawling reviews that often go on perhaps a bit too long, but I’m thinking of giving something new a try. Whether this becomes a monthly thing, a one-time thing, etc. I don’t know yet but what the heck. Here’s my first post of one-line reviews for the books I’ve read/finished this month. It’s a bit snarky (I am half Slytherin after all) but it does get to the point so if you haven’t been a fan of my usual review style then this is the complete opposite.

Note: Click on the cover of a book to visit either its Goodreads page or my full review if I wrote one.

It was fine.

Started out interesting and ended up a thing of nightmares.

Somehow both addicting and annoying.

I hate the word ‘blouse’ but the story is entertaining despite it.

Why did this feel pretentious?

Crazy long but mostly worth it.

Intriguing and pretty spot on.

I wanted to love this so bad but I hate the main character.

Wannabe Buffy.

Not quite what I expected but I’m not mad at it.

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