One-line Reviews: January 2021

Goodbye January. Time for my post of one-line reviews for a few of the books I read/finished this month. It might seem a bit snarky, but it does get to the point so if you haven’t been a fan of my usual sprawling review style then this is the complete opposite.

Note: Click on the cover of a book to visit either its Goodreads page or my full review if I wrote one.

How to Train Your Dragon but make it sexy.

OG Cruel Prince for teens.

A dystopian fantasy that has me officially obsessed.

HBO small town drama…with witches.


7 thoughts on “One-line Reviews: January 2021

  1. I read Poison Study and the other books in that series a long time ago and really really liked them! i also read the Duke and I and all the Bridgerton books a long time ago, have watched the Netflix series and totally laughed. I loved the series, but it’s only very slightly based on the books. Eloise was my favorite, you should try to read her book. I can’t remember the name. LOL

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    1. I’m currently working my way through Fire study! I’m sure the others will be good too if I can find the time to read them. 🙂

      And thank you! My schedule got too busy for me to write many long reviews but I couldn’t stand to not review at all so this is my compromise. That being said, I’ll have a sprawling review for the Poison Study trilogy once I finish it!

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