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I’m so excited to share the official cover for AWAKENED, the second book in the fantasy romance series, The Bond Between Us, by LiAnne Kay! Awakened releases on September 16th so hurry up and snag that pre-order price! Keep reading this post for more on the series and the author!

Book One

(The Bond Between Us #1)
LiAnne Kay
Fantasy Romance
Goodreads | Amazon

Torn between her nation and her heart, Princess Alba must decide who to trust before she loses all she holds dear. 

After the ruthless Versillion army invades her kingdom of Hunturius, Alba pledges loyalty to the enemy king to protect her four younger sisters. Now, she’s forced to work with Arcadius, the crown prince tasked with looking after her family. The last thing Alba needs is an infuriating prince meddling in her life. Even if his piercing cobalt eyes and quiet strength stir dreams within her, dreams that seem more like memories of a time forgotten. 

When her lost brother’s baby, Octavius, is suddenly placed in Alba’s care, fresh danger looms. Someone will stop at nothing to murder her new family member. Alba must discover Tave’s true enemy, while hiding him from Arcadius’ steadfast presence.

But the closer she grows to Arcadius and the more she dreams, the more Alba questions her own judgement. Are her people truly innocent? Could the enemy prince be the hidden ally she’s always needed? 

An enemies-to-lovers fantasy romance with twisty political intrigue, heartfelt sibling bonds, and a tall, honorable, and smirking crown prince.

Book Two

(The Bond Between Us #2)
LiAnne Kay
Fantasy Romance
Goodreads | Amazon

Release Date: September 16, 2022

With enemies on both sides, Princess Alba must forge a path to peace or fall to the throes of rebellion.

Alba returns to Hunturius determined to unite her people with the Versillions who occupy their land. Cementing their alliance is the only way to protect her nation. All she needs is to conceive an heir to the Hunturion throne—a child born of her and Prince Arcadius.

However, Alba meets obstacles at every turn. First, Arcadius is ill and quarantined with his men. Then an unknown enemy threatens one of her sisters. Alba will not stop until she discovers the source of the threat. Even if it means looking into the darkest part of her beloved people.

The more Alba searches for the threat, the more her tenuous alliance with the Versillions becomes. For the Versillion king has his own agenda, one that would harm Arcadius after he produces an heir. 

Will Alba achieve the harmony she longs for, or will hatred and violence bleed into the palace again?

The Author

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LiAnne Kay lives in Northern Indiana with her husband, six children, and five cats. She’s a plant mom, a part time ninja, and a black belt. (Actually, only one of those is true.)

LiAnne Kay has been writing since she was a child. In her free time, she enjoys long, scenic hikes, snow, (yes, snow!) photography, coffee, and anything Pride and Prejudice.

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