2018 Indie Spotlight

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This year I’ve decided that in addition to my usual end-of-year/new-year’s posts of my Top Books Read and Top Anticipated Reads, that I’d like to do a post that highlights some of my favorite self-published/indie author books that I’ve read this year. My blog is open to all submissions and this leads to quite the variety of reads (which I love!) and so this post will be a moment to promote and praise some of my Top 2018 Reads that you won’t find being pushed and flaunted in major bookstores. Hopefully something will catch your eye!

(This year’s post will be particularly long because I’m including some books from years past but the more the merrier!)  Continue reading

Top Ten Anticipated Books for 2018

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It’s a new year and what better way to welcome it into our hearts than by scouring the news for the fantastic book releases 2018 will bring! It took some effort to keep this list to an even 10 but since most of my highly anticipated reads are actually sequels I thought I’d try and make sure to put a few newbies onto this list to promote some standalone novels or series starters that are coming soon! (Note: this list does not include 2018 ARCs already reviewed on my blog)  Continue reading

Favorite Secondary Characters

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I love strong secondary characters in books. It’s one of the things that’ll make me love a book more or could even save it if I’m not that into it otherwise. So I thought I’d make a post and give my favorites a little shout-out! (Note: I haven’t finished reading all of these series so if one of these characters becomes ridiculous or unbearable then don’t tell me! Haha)  Continue reading

Top Ten Anticipated Books for 2017

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Welcome to year 2017 A.D. on planet Earth! I’m not sure if I’m ready for everything this year will hold but one thing I’m always excited about is the release of new books! I’ve already read a few ARCs for books that will be published in 2017 and I’m incredibly excited to read more! Here is just a small selection of books that are to be published in 2017, all of which I am most excited to read (not including the ARCs that I have already read).


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