♥ Valentine’s Day Reads | February 2020

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Happy Valentine’s Day! To celebrate I’ve put together a list of my Top 10 favorite romance reads (if you want to see more, visit my Goodreads romance shelf). It’s a genre with quite the spectrum of content, but for me my rule of thumb is that I pay for plot. I try not to waste my time or my money on a “romance novel” that lacks plot and is just too much dramatic nonsense or has toxic content that is never corrected/addressed. Sure some that I’ve enjoyed have been quick and light while others were deep and dark, some have stronger romance plot lines than others where quests or whatever have just as strong a role, but there must always be an actual plot and world-building and character development. I love how there is such diversity in the genre, and I’ve read so many different ones, but plot plot plot! Anyway…let me know what your favorites are! Continue reading

The Book Love Tag

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I decided to do a book tag. I was tagged by Cátia @TheGirlWhoReadsTooMuch to The Book Love Tag (well everyone was tagged in it but thanks anyways 🙂 ). This tag was created by Anette @AnetteReads so thanks for putting this together!


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