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Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I decided to do a book tag. I was tagged by Cátia @TheGirlWhoReadsTooMuch to The Book Love Tag (well everyone was tagged in it but thanks anyways 🙂 ). This tag was created by Anette @AnetteReads so thanks for putting this together!


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  1. Your favorite book couple. red heart


If I can answer this based off of the movie adaptation then my weakness is Kyle and Lindy from Beastly (I love this movie). Otherwise I’m a MASSIVE fan of Juliette and Aaron from Shatter Me. Like seriously. Massive fan. So that would be my bookish answer.

But I also I truly like how Feyre and Tamlin are together (A Court of Thorns and Roses) but I’ll admit Rhysand has me uber intrigued…Hmm, we shall see.

Here, I’ll just toss out a few of my faves/who I think should be together: Juliette & Aaron (Shatter Me), Lily & Rowan (Trial by Fire), Viola & Todd (The Knife of Never Letting Go), Inej & Kaz (Six of Crows), Maya & Coal (Chained), Feyre & Tamlin (A Court of Thorns and Roses), Mare & Cal (Red Queen), Etta & Nicholas (Passenger), Kyle & Lindy (Beastly), Mercy & Cross (In Place of Never), Aria & Perry (Under the Never Sky), Tris & Four (Divergent), Puck & Sean (The Scorpio Races), Deryn & Alek (Leviathan)… OKAY FINE I’LL STOP LISTING EVERYONE 😉

  1. Your top 3 book boy/girlfriends. pink heart

OKAY! (Although I practically fall in love with every leading man I read about sooo…)

Paranormal/Dystopian World? Aaron Warner (Shatter Me)

Fantasy World? Tamlin (ACOTAR) – although Rhysand might take his spot after I read A Court of Mist and Fury…

Normal World? Kyle (Beastly)

Dystopian World? Coal (Cage of Lies) or Four/Tobias (Divergent)

  1. Imagine your favorite book couple. Who would propose, and how? (If there’s already been a proposal: who would be more into organizing the wedding?) purple heart

Okay I guess I’m just not romantic enough to think about this…I really love reading about the romance in books but I’m not necessarily one of those fangirls who expands their lives beyond the books, at least not by much.

  1. Unpopular opinions time! Name a popular pairing you can’t heart

One that comes to mind is Juliette and Adam from Shatter Me. I definitely liked them at first but by book two (Unravel Me) I was definitely over it. I wasn’t just driven over the edge, I jumped from the edge. That being said I like it in the sense that I like how this relationship led into other things and how its annoying drama actually served a purpose to further character development and the plot. But just the pairing itself?? Yeah. No.

  1. What’s your favorite and least favorite romance trope? red heart

Oh boy, not a clue. There’s the whole “girl and her brother’s best friend”/”boy and his sister’s best friend”, “childhood best friends fall in love”, “love triangles”, “nerd and popular kid fall in love”, “good girl and bad boy”, “boy/girl has long time crush on popular person for years and years and then gets a chance but finds out that crush is a total jerk and then finally realizes that the love of their life was right next to them all along” …and the list goes on and on and on… I don’t have a favorite trope really, so long as the story is good and the characters are connectable then I don’t really care what trope you use. Just make me fall in love with them and you’re golden.

I will say that I have a tiny weakness for the whole “good girl and bad boy fall in love” trope but it has to be done right. If he’s just a straight up jerk the whole time then I struggle to see what the heck the leading lady could possibly see in him nor why she would continue to stick around and then it just gets annoying and pathetic.

  1. Do you ship non-canon couples often? Name some if you do. pink heart

Not usually. Authors generally do a good job with pairing the right characters up (as I’d expect since they created them) so when the series is all done and finished with I’m usually totally happy with who ends up with who (although I’ve heard Celaena, from Throne of Glass, goes through a few men and that makes me nervous because I really like the sound of her and Chaol).

  1. Your opinion on love triangles. Go! purple heart

Love triangles? Gah! I have a love-hate relationship with those things. They create excitement, tension, and drama in a story but I only go along with a love triangle if it serves an actual purpose such as furthering a character’s development or aiding the plot. A love triangle has to be necessary for someone to get from point A to point B, otherwise I hate them. I particularly hate them when it’s totally unnecessary and literally only put in to create a stir, some drama, or some mind games that no one believes because the new suitor is so totally not right.

  1. Favorite and least favorite love triangle? pink heart

Least favorite? Bella-Edward-Jacob from Twilight. On one hand I did feel genuinely torn between Edward and Jacob but what killed it for me was Bella and the fact that she shamelessly used Jacob time and time again. Favorite love triangle? I’m not really sure I have one…like I said earlier I don’t totally mind the Juliette-Adam-Aaron from Shatter Me only because it served a purpose…Oh! I know, well I might know. For now I sort of like the brewing love triangle between Feyre-Tamlin-Rhysand in A Court of Thorns and Roses but I’ll really have to wait and see how it plays out in the sequel to be sure…For right now though I wouldn’t mind a love-triangle happening but I’d feel weird if she actually left Tamlin in the end (you can read more of my thoughts on them in my book review).

  1. Sometimes romance just isn’t the way to go. Favorite friendship? red heart

Okay I’m totally stealing Cátia’s answer because I 100% agree: “If I have to say a friendship between a girl and a boy I think that I have to choose Juliette and Kenji from Shatter Me mostly because Kenji is an amazing friend and I need a Kenji in my life.” If I could choose a genuine friendship that slowly blossoms into a pairing then I would say Viola and Todd from The Knife of Never Letting Go because I love them and I love those books and they are everything.

  1. What’s your favorite scene with your bookish OTP? pink heart

Ah man, is there one? Do I even have an OTP (One True Pairing)?? I sort of honestly don’t think I have an answer for this. Authors do pretty well with pairing up the right people in the end and with those I love they usually have loads of fabulous scenes! I can’t answer this right now…or maybe ever…I really don’t know haha (:

  1. Imagine your favorite book couple again. Who’s most excited about Valentine’s Day (either ironically or genuinely)? purple heart

I think all of my faves would be genuinely down for any excuse for a little alone time. (; However thinking of Juliet and Aaron I’d say Aaron would be totally into putting together a romantic surprise for Juliet and Juliet would pretend like she doesn’t really care about Valentine’s Day while deep down she really does, and all day Aaron acts like he don’t care and Juliet acts like she don’t care but really Aaron is bursting from keeping his surprise a secret and Juliet is bursting with I KNOW I SAID I DIDN’T CARE BUT I ACTUALLY DO and then finally the night arrives and just before Juliet loses it Aaron unveils his surprise and YAY!!! Yeah, something like that.


Hoorah! Happy Singles Awareness Day! Grab a box of chocolate, open a deliciously romantic book, and dance the night away! I’m tagging everyone to answer to this tag because it’s fun and everyone should do it no matter what day of the year.


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