BRN #1: Three Factual Non-Facts about Television

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If these weren’t technically opinions they’d be facts. 

Number One: The British (usually) do it better even with a smaller budget and non-neon white teeth. Most of their television is either truly terrible or amazingly fantastic. When the British really step up to the plate they strike gold. (example: BBC Sherlock versus CBS Elementary. Top Gear UK vs USA. Do I honestly even need to explain either of these?)

More examples? Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Skins, Mr. Bean, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Broadchurch, The Office UK, Fawlty Towers, Merlin, Midsomer Murders, etcetera…their acting (and intricate plotting) is simply superior to that of Hollywood

Number Two: Remakes should (almost) never be made. Ever. (example: Hawaii Five-O, 1968 versus Hawaii Five-0, 2011)

Number Three: The most common cause of death for a show is too much too soon. (example: …yeah, you can just Google this one on your own because I have pancakes to eat and tea to drink. Just keep in mind that the creative gold must last for episodes and seasons to come but you also mustn’t horde it all and be pointlessly dragging and droning on, or worse, making up stupid stuff like drama or completely avoidable “misunderstandings” to keep the inevitably dying fire from going out. Get to the point! …basically know if an idea is better as a movie or a series and then get on with it). The Brits (prime example Downton Abbey) are usually quite good at writing drama without filling in cracks, gaps, holes, and crannies with drama.

Bonus! Life Tip: Canceling a show is one thing but to cancel a show on a massive cliff-hanger is utterly rude and karma is…well, you know. (Unless the show was so terrible no one would have made it that far into the season anyway…but still…)



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