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Hello everyone!

I’m pretty excited to announce that I’m officially an Associate! Hooray!

…okay but what does that mean? 

Well I’ll tell ya. It means that whenever you purchase an item from using one of my special links I get a few pennies tossed my way. Using my links does NOT cost you anything at all! It simply notifies that you were referred to their site by me and as a thank you they give me a tiny percentage of any sales made by someone using my links.

This is a super great opportunity because I really love reading and reviewing books but I’m also a recent college graduate shuddering under the heavy weight of student loans…aka debt. I went to college to get a degree and make a life for myself but college is extremely expensive and if I can get a little help by working really hard to deliver you guys great reviews then I will 100% do that. I love doing this and if I can make a bit of money with it then that’s a dream come true.

I’ve added at the bottom of all of my posts a link providing you with the special purchase link that will take you directly to Please please be wonderful and use them 🙂

I’ve also added a few ads (ugh I know. a sad necessity but I added them to the bottom so it doesn’t totally clog up my blog’s aesthetic) to my side banner on each page and if you click on those they will take you to as well.

I promise this isn’t spam and it will not charge you a thing. It’s just a really lovely way you can help a fellow book-worm out.

Hoorah! I’m very excited! Please help spread the word!


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Amazon Textbooks | Amazon Movies & TV |

P.S. A friend of mine told me that when you click on my special link you have 24-hours to purchase something from and even if you wander away from the item I originally linked to you’ll still be helping me out by purchasing anything at all. I’m not 100% positive this is true but if it is then why not, right? You’re fantastic. Thank you thank you thank you.

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