The Retribution of Violet Blake

The Retribution of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #5)
by Bre Faucheux (2015)
-Review Request-

Violet Blake 5

YA Novella | Paranormal | Thriller4.5 starsBlurb:

“My mother took me. Kidnapped me. Repossessed me. And now she revived me. She has my loyalty, my command, and my hatred.
She wants me to do unthinkable things. Things I can’t imagine myself doing. But I will do them. Because it is her will. Our connection demands my obedience. And I’m powerless to stop it.”


pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

Oh yes. Oh yes oh yes oh yes. OH YES.

Talk about a satisfying ending. A satisfying everything pretty much.

Obviously this book continued the common practice of blood, horror, and action but it also delivered a few serious twists that were immensely satisfying. I’m terrified to say too much at risk of giving any of it away!

The war is far from over, of course. The world does not simply work that way. But dang things happened. Things happened. People changed, events exploded, worlds shifted, and things happened. Oh my so much of it was a surprise, a relief, or just plain satisfying.

I really can’t go into much with this final installment of the Violet Blake series because I seriously don’t want to spoil any of its ending for you. So I’ll just end this vague but emotional review with a reflection on the 5-part series as a whole:

Violet Blake: A series with all the intensity of a best-seller book series packed inside of small bite-sized novellas. These books may be short but they pack one hell of a punch. I’ve read 400-page books that don’t manage to fit in as much action, twists, and chaos as these have. The Violet Blake series cuts out the fat and keeps its story lean and mean strapping you in for a pleasant ride in Book 1 only to shoot you through to the end at a break-neck speed. In fact, somehow splicing the story of Violet Blake into chewable pieces makes the reading process all the more addictive. Long enough to get you hooked but short enough to leave you needing more. Dive in for the rush of your literary life.

Favorite repeated quote?

Force it into something else. -Desmond


P.S. The name “Violet Blake” carries some serious weight, and each book’s title is a pretty open summation to its contents. You’ll understand once you’re read the whole series.

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amazon icon_tiny The Retribution of Violet Blake 

The Violet Blake Box Set (1-5) 

Check out the rest of the series: The Resurgence of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #1), The Revival of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #2), The Remembrance of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #3), and The Repossession of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #4)

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