The Resurgence of Violet Blake

The Resurgence of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #1)
by Bre Faucheux (2014)
-Review Request-

Violet Blake 1

YA Novella | Paranormal | Thriller4 StarsBlurb:

“Shawn Cassidy’s family and ancestors have lived in the majestic shadows of the Rocky Mountains for over a century. Such is necessary when you are born a healer.

Since Shawn was young, her mother told her stories of their people and their gift to mankind. The ability to heal others simply by touching them, even if they are on the edge of death.

Shawn has managed to keep her ability a secret along with her family for all her life. But such gifts come at a price. And family secrets rarely stay hidden for long. When Shawn is discovered, she is taken down a path she never expected. And one she never asked for. 

Bre Faucheux’s new novella series is an exciting and action packed thriller, full of ancient histories and mysticism.”

pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

Woah. Hold up. Just, just give me a minute to catch my breath, yeah?

Color me intrigued.

Author Bre Faucheux contacted me inviting me to read an ARC version of her 5-book series in exchange for honest reviews. Always up for some new reads I agreed and I’m extremely glad that I did!

This is the first installment of the Violet Blake novella series and wow. It starts off as a rather typical high school girl story except for her family’s secret ability to heal people. Interesting, but not enough. I literally had no idea what I was diving into with this book.

First of all you meet the protagonist Shawn Cassidy (which yes made me think of the 70s star, Shaun Cassidy, who was also in the Hardy Boys TV show), she’s a sixteen year old who has a fabulous best friend, a hopeless crush on the hot jock, but lives as an invisible nobody except for as an occasional plaything when the popular kids get bored. Crushes, parties, school, the usual mundane teenage things. And just as you begin to settle in wondering if anything truly interesting will happen BAM! It does.

Chase scenes, espionage, rogues, death, ticking clocks, and darkness charge into Shawn’s life with the force of a raging storm shrouding her world with fear and confusion as everything she thought she understood is flipped upside down and punched in the gut. Chasing her across the country and onto foreign soil she is hunted ruthlessly. I refuse to give any of the nail-biting details away but I will tell you to keep an eye out for a mysterious stranger with a very attractive accent (at least in my head). I’m hoping this character will be ever intriguing.

This book begins at an easy pace inviting you into its story before seizing your arm and sprinting off at a break-neck pace drenched in adrenaline. Long enough to fulfill you but short enough to stun this novella is the perfect taste for those who seek a dangerous adventure that won’t take eons to read: Perfectly portioned and mercilessly thrilling.

Warning: This book ends with a mighty cliff-hanger! Just as you soar and spin with the rush of action it cuts off leaving you in free fall until you gain your senses and pick up the next book.

The Resurgence of Violet Blake is the thrilling, sweat-dripping story about a lonely teenager who transforms into a global game-changer. Will she fight or fall prey to becoming a pawn in a very dangerous game? Only time will tell but one thing is for certain, the game has been set and the clock has begun.


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amazon icon_tiny The Resurgence of Violet Blake 

The Violet Blake Boxed Set (1-5) 

Check out the rest of the series! The Revival of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #2), The Remembrance of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #3), The Repossession of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #4), and The Retribution of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #5)

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Bre Faucheux

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