The Repossession of Violet Blake

The Repossession of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #4)
by Bre Faucheux (2015)
-Review Request-

Violet Blake 4

YA Novella | Paranormal | Thriller4.5 starsBlurb:

“Shawn Cassidy. Runaway. Fugitive. And immortal healer. At least to some extent. Shawn knows that she is far away from discovering the true nature of her gift of healing others, and even more unacquainted with what her new revival has bestowed upon her teenage body.
But one thing is for certain. The fight for survival isn’t over. In fact, it has truly just begun. For her mother is still alive. Still ruthless. And willing to do anything to get her back.”


pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

Alright. Maybe it’s just because these are novellas and not full-length books but it seems like the adrenaline in these thrillers never ceases. Bullets flying, plans crumbling, lies leeching, loyalties twisting, bleakness seeping…it’s all pretty intense actually. Book 3 prepared us for the lengths to which Rebekah may go but in Book 4 we see them re-focused upon Shawn.

So I was right, well, and wrong. I was right that Book 3 (which was all about Chloe) was given to us for a specific reason, providing us with information that we’d need for what comes next. I was wrong however thinking that it should be a prequel. I mean, it could have been a stand-alone prequel and a far more brief summation of the events could have been used just as effectively but now that I’ve reached this point in the series I understand the choice. I get it. And yeah, it kind of works. Definitely a path that could have gone two ways and Faucheux chose the longer way but I’m on board now. I get it.

I sort of feel like I’m beginning to sound redundant with these Violet Blake series reviews so I’m keeping this one rather short, but it’s just that it’s been one heck of a thrilling ride since the glass bubble of Shawn’s world shattered in Book 1.

Still twisting, still surprising, and still addictive, The Repossession of Violet Blake is a quick shot of cold sweat from beginning to end. The stakes are even higher, the puzzle is nearly complete, and the Tumultus are primed to strike back. There’s nothing left but to take up the final book and embark on the final leg of the force that is Violet Blake.


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The Violet Blake Boxed Set (1-5) 

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