The Revival of Violet Blake

The Revival of Violet Blake (Violet Blake #2)
by Bre Faucheux (2014)
-Review Request-

violet blake 2

YA Novella | Paranormal | Thriller4.5 starsBlurb:

“Shawn Cassidy has managed to survive the unthinkable and escape the tight grip of Escro’s hands. In a foreign land and in the care of complete strangers, she remains uncertain of who she should trust or what she should believe. But when the truth of her circumstances is revealed, she realizes that her fight for survival is far from over. It has only just begun.”


pooled ink Review:

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The good are bad, the bad are good, the in-between are forced to sides, people die, and people lie. Oh my, Book 1 was practically ho-hum compared to Book 2.

You thought the first book brought you Violet Blake? Nuh-uh. Only in its sequel do we see the final death of Shawn Cassidy and the rise of Violet Blake. I’m not unsure of the role Violet will grow to play in this endless game but mark my words it will be something to watch out for.

The first book left us just about as bewildered, flustered, and exhausted as dear Shawn felt but this sequel barely gives us time to catch our breath as it tears off fleeing ruthless enemies in pursuit. Gratefully there is just enough down time for that sly spy Liam to fill us in on more than a few things. More about the Sanatores, Escro, and this game of blood are revealed unveiling their histories, vague reasons, and brutal facts. Shawn Cassidy’s life implodes. She thought running from an evil rogue government sect was the end of her reality as she knew it? Ha! If only she were that lucky.

Faucheux has built quite a creative world, I must say. The Sanatores and the revived are reminiscent of vampire legends but merged with other folklore and history twisting it all together into an almost believable possibility. A global war of the paranormal rages on both harsh and unyielding and although the odds are severely against them one can’t help but grasp that tiny bit of hope that feeds them all…well that and revenge.

Utterly thrilling The Revival of Violet Blake gives one barely a moment to rest before charging full on racing for peace, revenge, and something I can’t quite put my finger on. If you even half-enjoyed the first book then you will surely fall head first into this one even if only because the Pontifex dragged you.


P.S. Keep an eye out for Desmond. Cold, clever, and devilishly handsome…one can only wonder at how the revival bond will develop between him and Shawn.

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The Violet Blake Boxed Set (1-5) 

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