Love of Reading Month

Apparently February is “Love of Reading” month! I saw this lovely post from @Fictionophile and decided to put it on my own blog with my own answers! (Read her responses here: Love of Reading)

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According to my mom I read a lot as a kid. She’d read to me, I’d read to her, I’d read to myself. Apparently I was a book addict even as a toddler. Many books have touched my life but perhaps one of those that had the largest impact on my life is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Yes, I feel a bit typical and far from unique with that answer but it’s the truth. And a bit more truth would tell you that it was seeing the movie in the movie theater that actually brought me to the book and my crime spree of stealing these books from my brother’s shelf until I’d caught up and overtook him as the biggest Potterhead in the family. 

love of reading month

eBook or physical book?

My brother got me a Nook for Christmas one year and I love it BUT my heart will always reside with physical books. The only major pro to having eBooks is that if there were ever a fire you’d only have to save one little electronic device as opposed to tossing out/carrying out stacks and stacks and stacks of actual books….but you’d better save the charger too.

Paperback or hardback?

Hardback. Most of my books are actually paperback (almost always because they’re cheaper) but something about hardbacks is just so…preferable.

Fiction or non-fiction?

Fiction. I’ll dip my toe occasionally in the non-fiction pond but 97% of my favorites are all fiction. I love learning so I’ll always love non-fiction but it’s never been my go-to, ever. Besides, you can learn far more than you’d think from reading fiction.

Favorite genre?


Least favorite genre?

Horror or sloppy romance.

Borrow or buy?

If I’m not 100% sure about a book then I’ll usually borrow it from a friend who has it or check it out from the library but if I feel confident that I will like a book or if I already know that I like a book then I buy buy buy. Sometimes my budget for food suffers but what can I say? I’m a book addict.

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Monster reads or short & sweet?

Depends on my mood really. I’ll read any script or book as long as it’s either assigned for class or really good. I’ve read the occasional 600+ page book and I’ve read one-Act plays. I honestly don’t care too much about length so long as the story draws me in and doesn’t waste my time describing every flower petal in the garden. Get on with it! Wait, but don’t rush! 🙂

Last page: read it first or wait till the end?

One of my good friends loves to read the endings first to make sure it’s a good one but I prefer to go along for the ride. True I’ve recently taken a liking to reading reviews to see what others think and what their reactions were to the end but generally I just read the cover, analyze my gut, check my bank account, and start on page one.

What is the strangest item you’ve ever found in a book?

Hmm…not sure honestly. I did kill a spider with my copy of Catch-22 though. The little beast had crawled upon its pages and so I promptly screamed, slammed the book shut and have never opened it since.

Used or brand new books?

Both. (Although a teeny tiny part of me enjoys brand new books better if only because it means I am the first one to stroke its cover, to open it, to rifle through its pages, and the first to read its story. The first to experience the magic this seemingly innocuous object has to offer…also new books provide a higher chance that its pages are not covered in a stranger’s snot spray or finger grease…)

One at a time? or several books at once?

One at a time (although back in school I definitely had a juggling act going on).

Curl up and snuggle or bathe in the sun?

Curl up and snuggle (: I do enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun as I read but it tends to make me sleepy and I’m also not a huge fan of heat or sweating, both things the sun inflicts upon me. But yes, almost always I prefer to wrap myself in a blanket, curl up and contort my body to fit into a comfy squashy chair and then read for hours at a time.

Coffee, tea, or wine?

I don’t drink wine (call me crazy haha) but I’d either go for black tea or a dark chocolate mocha!

Click here to view a list of some of my favorite titles.


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