Brief Hiatus

korean flag

Hello everyone!

Just a heads up that I’ll be going radio-silent for almost three weeks. I will be serving on a mission trip in Korea (South, not North lol) to work with kids and will be unable to connect with you. So if you email me, tag me, or comment on a post, please don’t think I’m ignoring you! I will respond as soon as I can upon my return. But also, I admit that even if I did have internet access I would still be choosing to drop off the grid for those three weeks because if I’m distracted by the internet and work then I can’t be wholly focused on the present and the people around me.

I’m sorry to be dropping off the grid but this is important to me. I look forward to hearing from you all and (if you’re also a blogger) catching up on all your wonderful posts that I’ve missed.


P.S. I realize I’ve probably revealed enough info about my plans for an assassin to find me…if you’re an assassin who has stumbled across my book blog, please don’t kill me. Thanks.

tina fey gif

 Pooled Ink OFFICIAL LOGO 2018

And as a bonus here’s a few gifs from Psych


psych gif 1.gif

psych gif 2.gif

psych gif 3.gif

psych gif 4.gif

psych gif 5.gif

psych gif 7.gif

Enjoy your summer (:

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