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In this post you’ll get more info on this fantastic collection of twisted fairy tales as well as teasers for all fourteen stories! 

I’m particularly excited to be a part of this blog tour because this anthology not only sounds amazing but it features the published work of one of my fellow book bloggers! If you haven’t been following MNBernard Books/Melanie Noell Bernard then you should definitely check out her site because it’s filled with interesting discussion posts, amusingly snarky reviews, and great book recommendations. And now she’s published! Ah!! So exciting! Be sure to give her a shout out for support!

The Book

Mirror & Thorns –
Twisted Fairy Tale Anthology.

Published by Catterfly Publishing, an OWS Ink LLC subsidiary

Where the fairytale ends, and the reflection begins

Mirrors & Thorns.jpg

OWS Ink, LLC is very excited to announce the publication of our 2017 anthology, Mirror & Thorns. Just in time for Halloween, these fourteen stories from fourteen different authors will have you curled up on the couch ignoring those trick or treaters! These exceptional tales will stay with you long after the last page. This collection of short stories releases on Wednesday, October, 25th, 2017, and a Facebook Release Party open to the public occurs on October 21, 2017. (https://goo.gl/ujYHPv).

The authors have weaved each one of these enchanting stories with quirky and intriguing characters as well as plots with compelling twists. You can learn more about these authors and the anthology by following along with the book blog tour which begins on ourwriteside.com on October 20th.  Preorders will begin at the Facebook event on the 21st.

A dark fairy tale collection from the twisted pens of:

J.M. Ames, Kerry E.B. Black, J.K. Allen, C.L. Bledsoe, Lucy Palmer, Stacy Overby, T.S. Dickerson, Edward Ahern, Melanie Noell Bernard, S.L. Scott, Sarah Nour, Paul Stansbury, Cassidy Taylor, and J. Lee Strickland.  



~The Snow Bride~
J.M. Ames

1_The Snow Bride 2

~Young Blood~
Kerry E.B. Black

2_Young Blood

~The Forbidden Mirror~
J.K. Allen

3_The Forbidden Mirror (3)

~The Falling Angels of 56~
C.L. Bledsoe

4_Falling Angels 1

~Open Window~
Lucy Palmer

5_Open Window 1 (1)

~Through the Gates of Hell~
Stacy Overby

6_Through the Gates of Hell 3

~Twice-Made Vows~
T.S. Dickerson

7_Twice-made Vows 1

~The Roommate~
Edward Ahern

8_“Don_t test our sisterhood, Clara, just do it.” (1)

Melanie Noell Bernard

9_Inheritance -1-

~Maria Morevna and the Deathless One~
S.L. Scott

10_Deathless One

~Nova and Ember~
Sarah Nour

11_Nova 1

~Selkie Cove~
Paul Stansbury

12_Selkie Cove (3)

~The Life and Death of Cora Svranos~
Cassidy Taylor

13_Svranos 1

J. Lee Strickland

14_Roland 1.5


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