BRN #21: My Fictional Team

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So this is completely random but it’s something I’ve thought about before…often when there’s a really bad storm and I’m home alone in the dark wishing I had a fictional squad to swoop in and not let me die by a tree falling or something. And sometimes I ponder it when I’m bored or wishing life weren’t so mundane. But mostly it’s just something I like to play around with and think about for fun or on road trips. So I figured why not just go ahead and post this random little fun post? And feel free to join in!


If I could choose my ultimate team/squad I’d have to go with… *drumroll* 

*Inhales deep breath* Sevro, Azriel, Katniss, Kaz, Inej, Aelin, Amren, Haymitch, Rhysand, Mister Kindly, Mia, Rowan, Lysandra, Dorian, Rhysand, Darrow, Warner, Kenji, Weasley twins, Hermione, Elias, Helene, Tally, Saba, Aslan, Reepicheep, Miss Marple…WAIT.

Okay, hang on. How many can be on a squad? Is there like, a limit to these things? UGH. But it’s so hard to choose! Okay if I had to narrow it down to, say, 5 people then I’d have to choose…

Nope I can’t do it. How about we compromise at 10? 10 sounds like an excellent number. Yes, I think my team should have 10 members (including myself obviously).

…But in all honesty none of them would likely want me on their team because I literally bring zero skills to the table. None. But assuming I did have some sort of value then heck yeah, this would be my squad for sure!




Umm obviously Amren (from the ACOTAR series) is on my team (if she’ll have me) because she’s basically a monster/god/ancient terrifying very powerful being trapped in a human body. She drinks blood, which is gross, but she’s an invaluable source of information, intelligence, and power. She’s also just cool.


art by Charlie Bowater

I admit I went back and forth between Azriel and Rhysand (both from the ACOTAR trilogy) quite a lot but in the end I went with Azriel. He can’t break into people’s heads and control them like Rhysand can but he’s an excellent spymaster, he has shadows whispering secrets to him, he’s also an amazing fighter. He’s clever, amusing, level-headed, loyal, and as much as I love Rhysand, he’s got enough to deal with so I’m just gonna borrow Az for a little while…


art by Cocotingo

I can’t leave out Inej (from Six of Crows) who knows everyone’s secrets, can walk like a wraith drifting on air, can hit almost any mark with her knives, and has an actual functioning moral compass.



Katniss is awesome and one of the first female protagonists I really looked up to when I was younger. She survived the Hunger Games twice, led a revolution, doesn’t take nonsense from anyone, is resourceful, quick-thinking, and a very normal human being despite it all. She’s useful for sure but I think it’s her grounded humanity that makes her a needed part to this team.


art by Cocotingo

Kaz Brekker (from Six of Crows) has taken down powerful gang bosses, led teams into dangerous heists, is always 20 steps ahead of everybody else, is basically a criminal mastermind, and so yeah, he’s awesome.

Mister Kindly

shadow cat mister kindly

Mister Kindly (from Nevernight) is a shadow cat creature of sorts…actually we don’t know exactly what he is but he leaches away your fear, has a personality I could read all day, and can be a very useful companion.



If you’ve read Red Rising then you don’t need me to explain just how awesome Sevro is. He’s underestimated, clever, quick, loyal, and lethal. It took me about two seconds to become a die-hard fan of his.

Weasley twins

weasley twins

The Weasley twins (from the Harry Potter series) might seem like a totally left-field choice but I can’t leave them behind. They’re hilarious, mischievous, devious, clever, and always ready to break the tension. You’ve gotta have some witty comedic relief in a squad!

Aelin Galathynius

aelin by charlie bowater

Yes, I am editing this post in 2019 to include Aelin from the Throne of Glass series because I finally read it and she needs to be a part of the team (if I’m sticking to my 10 max. rule then I’m counting the Weasley twins as 1 haha). She’s not only a royal human-fae stocked with immense powers, but she’s a highly trained and highly skilled assassin and thief. She creates main plans, backup plans, side plans, secret plans, and just a few extra plans that she pulls out of nowhere involving allies and favors you never even guess about and she executes it all with a badass swagger you just have to respect. I need her on my team, no question about it.

(Oh, and I guess me too)

Angela Darth Vader

(I used to dress up for every Star Wars movie release (they always happened to coincide near my brother’s birthday) – just the prequels since I definitely wasn’t alive for the originals haha. Darth Vader was one of my favorite characters but for the new Star Wars movies my brother and I just dress up in our Chewbacca onesies 😜)

2019 Edit: I’ve challenged myself to narrow down my squad to just 5 characters (but really 4 since I have to include myself) and here’s who I’d go with: Azriel, Kaz, Sevro, and Aelin (and me…lol I can be the comedic relief/damsel in distress/snack manager/mascot).

SO. Who would be on your fictional squad? They can be anyone from books or movies/TV 😎


2 thoughts on “BRN #21: My Fictional Team

  1. Haha: this was such a fun post😂 The only one from your squad that I know is Katniss: but the other members definitely seem like they can hold their own.
    Hmm: my squad? Let’s see: Raistlin Majere (yes he is a book character) simply because he is the strongest mage who ever lived.
    Selene from Underworld: because she can kick some major butt (pardon my French)
    The Major from Ghost in the Shell (for the same reason I chose Selene).
    And….well gotta have a villain as well of course, so Darth Vader because well: don’t really need a reason for that guy right? 😉

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