Seekers (Mud, Rocks, and Trees #2) by R.A. Denny (2017)
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YA Fiction | Fantasy
3 Stars

“Bring the seals together in Tzoladia and you will learn their secrets.” An intriguing, yet simple quest. But nothing is ever that easy. 

Killer monkeys lurk in the woods. Treacherous watchers skulk the underground tunnels. An evil emperor’s minions control the archipelago city.

Brina is proficient in archery. Moshoi skillfully wields the swords he crafts. Amanki has mastered sailing. But those skills aren’t enough. The three young adventurers must make choices. Choices that mean life or death. Choices with no safe answer.

The Society of the Word has given them tools: wise sayings, moral stories, mysterious prophecies. But their faith will be tested. Will the star guide them to their destiny or lead them to their doom? Who will survive?”


pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

At the end of the last book we left the destined few embarking on their quests, separate, and yet forever linked. Together they must save their homelands, their peoples, and continue the journey of discovering their selves. This book picks up the story right where we left off and races forwards with new energy.

This is a fun, entertaining adventure that has a cross-appeal to fantasy lovers in both the Young Adult and Middle Grade genres. Filled with wide expanses of unique imaginative worlds, heroes and foes, and the constant rush of challenges, R.A. Denny writes with inspiration. It is clear that she can envision these worlds and these characters that she has crafted.

One cliché of the fantasy genre is the quest plot, but honestly I often love stories that follow this (umm, have any of you read/watched Lord of the Rings?). With the deadly journeys, life-altering choices, core of friendship and family, and the many fantastic creatures introduced, this series has a bit of a Shannara Chronicles vibe but not the same at all. Brina, Amanki, and Moshoi pool their talents determined to reach Tzoladia and unite the seals, but as they continue to forge onwards and throw their lives into danger, will their faith in the prophecy and the star carry them through?

I admit there are a few moments that feel stretched out thus far in this series but that isn’t unexpected of a multi-book high fantasy series so if you can deal then it’s no big problem. Also sometimes the slower moments are needed so that the plot doesn’t just become one mad rush. Also be prepared for rather abrupt endings/cliffhangers (similar to those in The Cat’s Eye Chronicles). On one hand it can be a bit jolting but on the other hand it keeps you coming back for more with the need to know what happens next.

If you enjoyed the first book, Refugees, then you will certainly enjoy this one as well. I don’t want to give any spoilers away but if you’re seeking a tale of high fantasy with a quest filled with deadly turns and endless adventure then consider giving this one a try.


amazon icon_tiny Purchase here: Seekers

Check out the rest of the series: Refugees (book 1)

NOTE: This series recently got a makeover so the first two books, Refugees and Seekers have been combined into one book:
The Emperor’s Harvest (Tales of Tzoladia #1)

TOT1 The Emperors Harvest Cover

Continue reading with the new book 2:
The Emperor’s Trap (Tales of Tzoladia #2)

The Emperor's Trap cover

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3 thoughts on “Seekers

  1. Lord of the Rings? What’s that…lol 😂😂
    This sounds quite interesting. As I am a pretty big Terry Brooks fan too, and you saying that it contains a few Shannara elements too, I’m tempted to try this one out. You giving it a pretty positive review helps as well 😀
    Great post! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LotR? Yeah it’s just this underrated small-time series about tiny dudes going on an adventure with elves or something… oh and there’s something about a ring maybe? Idk but they walk a lot. 😜lol

      This series thus far has had some pros and cons. The ideas are there but at times the writing can be a bit lacking. But yeah, it’s kept me interested and it’s been a nice read for when I’m in that fantasy-journey-prophecy type of mood haha 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, Ah so that is what LOTR is about….Hmm…well seems like a bit of a waste of time then lol 😂😂
        But true, this series does sound like a really fun read. Hope maybe sometime later this year I might check this out at some point 😀

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