The (Birthday) Cake Book Tag

rainbow cake

Sofii @A Book. A Thought. did this fun tag for her birthday and, well, I just couldn’t resist doing it for mine as well 😄 I’m now 24 and finding that simply impossible (I think reading YA has kept my mind young?? Or I’ve simply been stuck in denial that I could possibly continue aging past 17 until I had at least saved the world or something like every YA protagonist ever haha 😂) Technically my birthday was earlier this week but I like to stick to my MWF posting schedule soooo….today is close enough!) 

a dark book you absolutely love

chocolate six of crows.png

Six of Crows isn’t the darkest book I’ve read (although it does get its hands bloody) but I love it so much I had to pair it with the dark chocolate cake!

a light read

vanilla time keeper

This was a really quick read that made me feel good after reading. It wasn’t super dark or heavy and it simply told a story with an impactful point.

a book that gave you mixed emotions

red velvet darker shade of magic

I absolutely fell in love with Kell, the world-building, the writing,…the only thing that gave me mixed feelings overall with this book was Lila. I know she’s the favorite for most of you but for whatever reason we didn’t get along and that gave me mixed feelings about this book and if I wanted to keep reading the series.

a book you would recommend to anyone

cheesecake potter

I’m taking things back to the basics with this one. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series (as does millions of people worldwide) so I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend it to anyone!

a book you started but never finished

coffee cake uprooted

I know this book is a favorite for many fantasy book lovers but I just couldn’t get through it. I think I got maybe 60 (?) pages in before I went ahead and called it quits. It’s not like it was bad but it just failed to keep my attention and interest.

a book with great writing

carrot cake animal farm

George Orwell is a gifted writer and ever since the first time I read this classic book ten years ago it’s stuck with me!

a book that left you wanting more

tiramisu queen of all.png

This series is intense. It’s also really twisted. It’s a post-apocalyptic/dystopian romance that you will definitely either hate or love. I had no idea what to expect but by the end of the first book I was gasping and ended up devouring the whole series in two days!

a series with 4+ books

cupcakes bone season

This one was actually hard to choose something for because I don’t really read many series that are longer than a trilogy. Most authors I read don’t write series longer than a trilogy and I just personally prefer trilogies or less because I don’t tend to stay invested that long otherwise (although there are always exceptions!).

a book that wasn’t what you anticipated

fruitcake potter

As a Potterhead I let my imagination and hopes run wild when this play was announced…unfortunately it left me wanting and had a different vibe that I hadn’t expected.


Feel free to do this tag for yourself! It was fun to put together PLUS it’s filled with pictures of delicious cake ❤


4 thoughts on “The (Birthday) Cake Book Tag

  1. YAY!, First, 🎉Happy Belated Birthday🎉, I hope you had a great time. Second, it makes me so happy that you’ve done it, I love your answers and it’s always fun to see this type of tag and the other people answers 😄.
    Happy reading honey ❤️

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