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I am an avid reader and a dedicated book blogger but sometimes I get requests from authors to review their books and unfortunately I just don’t have the time in my busy schedule and/or perhaps it’s just not quite my thing. So every once in a while instead of reading/reviewing their book, I’ll agree to put together a little post to help pass along the word in case any of you readers out there will find it interesting. This time it seems the book roulette has landed on a sci-fi thriller. It sounds pretty unique and maybe it’ll interest some of you. Here we go… 

The Book

AndroDigm Park 2067 by J.M.J. Williamson (2018)

androdigm park 2067

Fiction | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Dystopia
240 Pages (Kindle edition)
Publication Date: April 23, 2018

This is a gritty noir, sci-fi thriller, set in the near future, where the large global corporations that dominate the cyber-tech, media, and entertainment industries hold the levers of political power. It’s a hedonistic, secular world struggling to deal with the introduction of a new generation of android workers, which threaten the livelihoods of their human counterparts.

Just weeks before the opening of AndroDigm Park, the CEO of AndroDigm, the world’s largest android manufacturer, is brutally murdered at an Action Against Androids demonstration.

Now Marshal Shelby, a modern-day bounty hunter, sponsored by the CEO’s daughter, must track down her assassins and find out who was behind the attack. His investigation takes him into the world of the super rich, where using cybernetics, cloning and human augmentation makes almost anything possible.
At the centre of the investigation is AndroDigm Park, a fantasy park, where the super rich can indulge their wildest fantasies in a world populated with android characters and fantasy creatures. They can travel back in time to Camelot, ride a dragon, defeat monsters, fight pirates, or simply indulge in any kind of debauchery they desire. It is a fantasy park where dreams become reality.

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What reviewers are saying…

“If you like your noir, hardboiled and warped into the future, AndroDigm Park 2067 will be a great title to check out. This is a perfect blending of current issues and future tech that you will not want to put down and will leave you wanting more.”
-Jennifer, Jennly Reads

“l received this book from the author and laughed aloud through a portion of this book. The author takes risks in this gritty noir and uses humour and a great deal of
E X A G G E R A T I O N .”
-Lori, Lori’s Book Loft

The Author

JMJ Williamson.jpg

I grew up in York, graduated in economics from Hull University, and then moved to London to make a career as a charted accountant working for one of the world’s largest firms of chartered accountants.

I am now retired living in Bedfordshire and pursuing what I love most – writing. I love sci-fi movies and books, and I love writing. It was therefore not surprising that my first two novels would be sci- fi.

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