Adapted (Tainted Earth #3) by Susanne Valenti (2018)
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YA Fiction | Dystopian Sci-Fi
4 StarsBlurb:

“Held by forces they didn’t foresee, Kaitlyn and her friends must try to hold onto their humanity whilst battling for their freedom. In a cage built of fear, they have no choice but to follow the path before them. Kept away from her heart’s desire, Kaitlyn must find her own strength to resist the New Day. Without a way out, they have no chance of restoring the world to what it once was. They must do the only thing they can: fight.”


pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

This book picks up right where the last one ended and Altered (book 2) ended with a serious cliffhanger on the cusp of action. So for a moment I had to sort out my brain and remember where we were and what was going on but this book wastes no time carrying on!

Ever since this author first reached out to me a few years ago about reviewing her first book I’ve been hooked to her writing. She just has this way of making time fly by! There are lots of characters in this series (although unfortunately their group’s number continues to dwindle as they battle the apocalyptic-esque forces of science gone wrong) and they’re all so different, each contributing to the group’s ever evolving dynamics. With such a large cast of characters it can be a bit tricky to keep who’s who straight but as you get to know them it becomes easier and I really like having such a diverse number of perspectives viewing the world as it falls apart.

Now as for the plot…in Afflicted this group of teens and marines tries to get to Haven’s gates before they close, in Altered they race towards a secured town called Franklin, and in Adapted we see what unravels as they cross Franklin’s borders. What was supposed to be a promise land of security from the raging earth and its creatures turns out to be, well, quite well protected actually, but what they didn’t count on was it being overtaken by a cult. And unfortunately once within their sights they don’t give anyone the option to leave.

It was really cool seeing this group thrown into this different setting. For once they’re not on the run or battling crazy mutated animals, instead they’re given showers, food, shelter, clothing,…the only cost is their strict obedience and willingness to bend to the cult’s groupthink. But as if they could last long within those confines (especially Demi haha).

Once again I read Valenti’s book in less than two days, because for me her writing is so full of momentum that I’m captivated until I’m finished. And then I’m left thinking about it and what will happen next!

If you’re on the hunt for a dystopian series full of action and a large cast of interesting characters, then definitely check out Valenti’s Tainted Earth series and see if it’s what you’re hoping for! As for me I’m committed to the ride and I can’t wait to read what happens next!

Adapted pulls the gang off their constant run for survival and lulls them with safety but the darkness that lurks beneath such comforts may come at too high a cost. High-paced and wild this dystopian sequel doesn’t pull any punches as it traps all with its promise of freedom.


amazon icon_tiny Purchase Here: Adapted

Check out the rest of the series: Afflicted (book 1), Altered (book 2), Advanced (book 4)

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