V Games: Dead Before Dawn

V Games: Dead Before Dawn (V Games #3) by Caroline Peckham (2018)

v games dead before dawn

YA/NA Fiction | Paranormal | Romance
4 StarsBlurb:

After the explosive breakout on the Isle of Lidelse, Selena and Varick have made it to safety. But the Helsings are already plotting their revenge and will hunt them to the ends of the earth to have it. Selena must rely on new allies as well as old to remain safe, but trust is not a thing she finds easy anymore. 

Soon, she’s forced to decide whether to fight or keep running. But can she stay out of this war, even when whispers of a new game reach her ear? Can she continue to let the Hunters brutally kill girls for the sake of entertainment? Or is it time for her to rise up and put a stop to the games once and for all?”

Book One: V GAMES

pooled ink Review:

What a finale! Go big or go home, eh? Technically this book finishes the V Games Trilogy which features Selena and Varick as the story frontrunners, however it’s not all over as the series continues in the form of Wolf Games starring none other than Jameson and Cass! Selena finally gets a bit of a break while letting the books galavant after a couple beloved side-characters, which I’m excited to read about.

I have to say that overall I really enjoyed reading this series. It surprised me. I went into it with assumptions and expectations that were pleasantly thrown out as this series indulged in the darker underbelly of the paranormal realm rather than take the easy way by skimming the surface surviving off pure romance. There’s plenty of action and horror in each book and this finale was no different. Things really escalate and explode in this one! But rest assured, there is a happy ending! ❤

In an attempt to avoid spoilers I won’t get into it but suffice it to say that if you were already hooked then this one will have you buzzing for the Wolf Games just to stay in this world Peckham has created a bit longer.

This book picks up with the little cliff-hanger we were left with at the end of book two and takes off from there. New characters, old characters, it all gets jumbled in this tumultuous conclusion. We get to meet Selena’s long-lost father, we meet a new V Games master/host, Mercy has me on my feet clapping and hopeful, while Ulvic has me growing deeper in my hatred. So much goes down in this you’ll barely have time to find your footing before another twist, obstacle, or challenge is thrown at the characters.

Overall this series is a fun read. It feels quick and strikes a nice balance between “deep and dark” and “yay romance!” which worked for me. Basically this is a good series to pull up on the good ol’ Kindle when in a book slump or if you’re just looking for a thrilling tale to pass the time. Yeah these books dance with horror and scenes that truly made me cringe, but at the same time it was all so fast-paced and fresh it was exciting.

If you’re on the hunt for something in the paranormal genre, perchance something with vampires, werewolves, and hunters hell-bent on destroying them all, but you want it with a refreshing twist, then definitely check out the V Games Trilogy, and if it suits your taste then you’ll be thrilled to know that this wild world established will continue on past the original trilogy (made particularly exciting because it will focus on two fantastic side-characters that simply demand their own time to really shine)!


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Check out the rest of the series! V Games (book 1), V Games: Fresh from the Grave (book 2)

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2 thoughts on “V Games: Dead Before Dawn

    1. Thanks! I hope the ending will satisfy you! I really like this world she’s created so I’m glad she’s continuing it with Wolf Games, but if I’m honest I’m also relieved that they will star different main characters only because I get so nervous when an author stretches out a story because that just creates more opportunity for things to go wrong haha 🙈


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