Her & Him

Her by Pierre Alex Jeanty (2017)
Him by Pierre Alex Jeanty (2018)


Poetry | Contemporary
4.5 starsBlurb:

“Her” is a collection of poetry and prose about women, their strengths and beauty. Every woman should know the feelings of being loved and radiating those feelings back to her mate. This is a beautiful expression of heartfelt emotion using short, gratifying sentiments. If there is a lover in you, you will not get enough of “Her.”
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The best-selling poet of HER & HER Vol. 2 returns with a different voice, on a different path, but with the same mission. HIM is a collection of “he-poetry” in a world of “she-poems” that tends to only refer to him when speaking ill. Through poetry and prose, Pierre wears his heart on paper and pens a tribute to men; their undelivered feelings, unrecognized strength, their loud silence, and their neglected complaints. HIM celebrates good men, their love, their worth, and their beauty. The characteristics that often fall into the shadows are now brought to life.
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pooled ink Review:

Jeanty has a beautiful way of capturing the truth of love, both tragic or wonderful, as it relates to her. Whether about heartbreak, worth, singleness, yearning, or wonder, he spins together words with a passion that pulls that elusive emotion to the surface. As I read poem after poem I could only murmur yes. In a way his poems are simple, but that’s exactly why they speak to so many and speak so clearly. His poetry praises women, encourages women, celebrates women, and each verse sheds light on emotions that struggle for words. Perhaps not each poem will pertain to you, but I’d be shocked if not one spoke to your heart, no matter how deeply you’ve buried it or how thick the mask you tie around it.

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I loved that he was inspired to write this book of poetry to companion HER. Not only do men and women walk side-by-side in life but in soul and his poetry really shows this in both collections. Although love is a major theme in both books, each one takes a specific focus towards “her” or “him”. Just as women were encouraged and empowered in HER., Jeanty takes this moment to encourage and inspire men, something I feel men are in desperate need of. While HER. explored a woman’s heart, needs, and fears, this did the same for men. What I particularly love about both of these poetry collections is that although the message speaks to “her” or “him”, truly each poem beseeches the other just as much as the self. When Jeanty spins prose revealing a woman’s need to be loved he is also speaking to men and showing them what she needs, and vice versa. Without being overly political Jeanty manages to hit the nail on the head in HER. and HIM. especially with his opening words:

HIM is not as far different from
HER as the mirror of society

paints it for their eyes to see…

I definitely recommend picking these books up and introducing yourself to poet Pierre Alex Jeanty. He has a way with words that is both contemporary and timeless, each line speaking straight to the heart yet framed with a kindness not often seen anymore. Lovely, poignant, honest.


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Meet Pierre Alex Jeanty!

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Pierre Alex Jeanty, founder of Gentlemenhood™ and CEO of Jeanius Publishing, is a Haitian-American author, influencer, and entrepreneur who is devoted to making an impact through his writing. He primarily focuses on poetically sharing his journey, lessons, and mistakes along the paths of manhood and love, while also vowing to share wisdom he has gathered along the journey of life through his brand Gentlemenhood. His hope is to inspire men to become better, and to be a voice of hope to women who have lost faith in good men. This is the vision of his brand, and the agenda he follows as a writer.

Pierre currently resides in southwest Florida with his family where he operates as the owner of Jeanius Publishing, a company with a unique approach to help authors thrive. He also occasionally travels as a speaker and continues to write.
-Jeanty’s Website

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