BRN #29: Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

This is a wonderful time of year although I know for some it can be stressful, heartbreaking, or lonely. Books can be a true magic in their ability to portal us to other worlds, other lives, an infinite realm of What If’s. They can be a companion relied upon to never abandon or alter. Whether this time of year is one of pure joy and celebration, or a time of memories that try to haunt and restrain, I hope and pray there is a book in your life that you can cling to and help guide you through this season into the New Year. Of course, a book can only do so much for the rest is up to you. Think on those characters you so love and draw strength from them, pull it into this life and let it hold your head up and your steps steady. Christmas is a holiday of hope, of the greatest hope, and I pray it will touch your heart this year and forever more. Never let anyone or anything steal your hope.

Merry Christmas candle

Also, I have an important update to share…

I’ve had to make the tough choice of cutting down my blogging time. Normally I read tons of books and I write a long review for almost every single one whether good, ho-hum, or bad. For 2020 however I’m going to be taking a semi-hiatus. Instead of tons of posts for every book review, tour, and thought that slides my way, I am only going to post one list a month (themed of course hehe) of recommended reads along with two “reading progress”/Top 2020 reads posts (one at the end of June and one at the end of December) featuring mini-reviews for my favorite reads of 2020. This is all I’m going to have planned but knowing myself there’s a good chance you’ll keep getting a few tour posts, spotlights, and full reviews where a mini-review just isn’t enough. I love unleashing all of my bookish thoughts into reviews but unfortunately book reviews don’t pay and it’s taking up time that needs to be dedicated to my work. I’m giving myself one year to seriously take things easy in the blogger-sphere and then we’ll see if I jump back into full swing for 2021 or…yeah…

READERS: I will still update my Goodreads constantly so be sure to follow/friend me and never hesitate to send me your book recommendations!! ♥

AUTHORS: I am still open to review requests! Just send me an email through the contact form like usual and if I accept then I will post my review on Goodreads and Amazon (plus there’s the chance it will be featured in my Top 2020 Reads wrap-up posts or I might put together a spotlight post for my blog if I really love it). ♥

Thank you for understanding and I truly hope that I can come back strong in 2021 and that you don’t ditch me while my blog takes things slow haha!

Have a lovely Christmas!

Angela, Pooled Ink

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