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READERS: I will still update my Goodreads constantly so be sure to follow/friend me and never hesitate to send me your book recommendations!!

AUTHORS: I am still open to review requests! Just send me an email through the contact form like usual and if I accept then I will post my review on Goodreads and Amazon (plus there’s the chance it will be featured in my Top 2020 Reads wrap-up posts). ♥

Due to a need to balance my hobby (book reviews & promotion) with my jobs (something that actually earns me money to buy food) I’ve made the difficult decision (I assure you as a book addict it was very difficult) to cut down on the time dedicated to this blog for 2020. In other words, I will not be posting lengthy reviews for every single book I read this year.

Thank you for understanding! I’ve dedicated 5 book-filled years to Pooled Ink and I truly hope that I can come back strong in 2021 (hopefully you won’t ditch me while my blog takes things slow for a bit haha)! For more on what to expect you can read my post here.

Angela, Pooled Ink

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