Spotlight: Nova’s Blade

Today I’m sharing about debut author Will Scifi’s new YA Dystopian Cyberpunk book titled NOVA’S BLADE. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC and it’s definitely what it claims to be, by which I mean you’re going to want to give it a look. Filled with a sci-fi skewed dystopian society, complex characters, and plenty of action and plot twists, Nova’s Blade will have you leaning in with curiosity, gasping in horror, cheering in support, and grasping for the next book. If you’ve enjoyed other reads such as The Hunger Games, The Selection, or The Princess Trials, then this just might be your next choice! Keep reading this post for more on the book and the author as well as an excerpt!

The Book

Nova’s Blade
(Nova’s Blade #1)
Will Scifi
YA Fiction | Dystopia | Sci-Fi | Cyberpunk
February 01, 2022

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After a long war, corporations have replaced countries. Sports are fought to the death. The most popular game is Last Valkyrie, a live tournament where women kill each other for marriage into a powerful family.

For Nova, living in poverty with her mother and sister is a harsh reality that she cannot escape. But when she is kidnapped and forced to fight on the show, her world changes. If she refuses to fight, the bomb in her head goes off. Now winning means her freedom.

With death lurking at every moment, Nova has no idea if her next fight will be her last. But one thing she knows for certain: only one is making it out alive.

Perfect for fans of Hunger Games, The Selection, and The Princess Trials. You won’t want to put down this exciting page-turner!


“We’re all afraid, Lyssa. Afraid we won’t see our families, afraid of death, and the unknown. But it hasn’t stopped us now, and that’s why we’ve made it this far. All of us, including you.”

The crowd throws roses at Hybris. She earned a handful of patrons for her brashness, claiming the Valkyries are nothing to her. The internet lit up with fans and critics when she mocked Bellona’s late mother who had committed suicide.  

Her armor is bright and thick, providing protection for her body. The suit, weapon, and even the pyro is paid for by her patrons. I can only imagine how plain my entrance will be. 

                “Compared to what Hybris has, Bellona might as well have brought a slingshot!” Brom laughs.

Hybris shoves her blade to the camera.  

                “I’mma cut her up,” Hybris teases. 

They meet in the center of the ring, face to face before the bell.  Bellona keeps her head down as Hybris dances up and down, amusing the crowd. 

                “Tell mommy I said hi,” Hybris laughs. 

They go back to their corners, and the bell rings. Hybris swings the blade. Bellona puts the shield up, taking the hit. Before Hybris can pull back, Bellona grabs the chain and yanks it forward, propelling Hybris towards her. Hybris screams in fright. Bellona decks Hybris in the face with the shield, knocking her to the ground covered in blood. Hybris’ teeth fly out. The crowd awes as Bellona mounts Hybris and bashes her face in with the shield. 

                “Oh god!” Fox shrieks. 

                “Bellona is turning Hybris’ face into a mud hole!” Brom yells. 

Bellona brings the shield down on Hybris’ throat, slicing her head completely off. Hybris’ head rolls as blood spurts out her body, painting the canvas. Bellona lifts Hybris’ head in the air, roaring with her bloody shield. The crowd erupts with cheers. Fox comes up to Bellona with a microphone.  

                “Bellona, how-.”

Bellona storms past him with her trainer. The camera rolls back to Fox. 

                “Well like they say, actions speak louder than words,” he states. 

Blaze enters the ring. He picks up Hybris’ head by the hair and swings it in the air. 

                “Who wants her head?!” he yells.  

The crowd goes ballistic as he tosses it to them. The camera shows the crowd fighting over the head. I’m in disbelief at the entire fiasco. As a kid it was a spectacle, but knowing I’ll be in it soon, is unbelievable. I finally see the nature of this show for what it is. It’s barbaric and so are the people cheering it on. Maximus turns off the tv. 

                “Come on, continue with your training,” he states. 

“Get the picture now? We own you.” Blaze declares. His grin stretches, revealing his bloody gums. “Most importantly, I own you. Don’t worry, whoever wins, gets the detonator taken out.”

The Author

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Will Scifi is a pen name for an author from and based in California. He loves writing mainly science fiction that touches on themes surrounding modern day culture and society. He is currently a graduate student at a California State University, majoring in business marketing. Outside of writing, he loves going to the gym, theater, watching tv, reading comics and books, and playing video games. He thanks all of his fans for their support and highly encourages anyone who has read his work to always leave a review. Reviews go a long way in helping the author!

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