Fifth Sun Series

Today I am excited to help celebrate the final book in the Fifth Sun series with this series post! The cover reveal for book 5 is today and that also means that it’s available for pre-order! Surrender de la Llama (Surrender of the Flame) releases on July 16, 2022 and if you haven’t started this urban fantasy series yet then now is the time to get started so you can binge straight through! Keep reading this post for more info on the series (no spoilers!) and the author!

The Series

The Fifth Sun series is an upper YA/NA urban fantasy series set in modern day Mexico. It’s fast-paced, filled with magic, the supernatural, and more that will have you antsy to hurry on to the next book and the next to find out what happens! The entire series is told in dual POV: Selah, a seemingly normal American girl, and Rafael, a clearly not normal Mexican guy. Selah ends up traveling to Mexico with her best friend on a vacation with a side quest to find her grandparents and they end up running into Rafael Domínguez whom happens to be King of the Nahualtin. There’s an entire supernatural world living within our own and Selah’s about to get a crash course.

Fifth Sun takes everything I love about the urban fantasy genre and spices it up with Aztec lore and Mexican culture. There are even Mexican recipes included in the backs of the paperbacks!! Now, before you ask, yes these books are written in English and yes the series has a HEA ending. There is also a coven of side characters whom are impossible not to love and die to protect. What more could you ask for? This series has been a seriously fun read and I hope more people will give it a chance!

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Book One

Revenge de los Muertos
(Fifth Sun #1)
Talis Jones
November 02, 2021

NA Fiction | Urban Fantasy

Selah’s biggest dilemma was trying to decide what to study in college. That is, until she stumbled across a clue to the grandparents she’d never met and hopped on a plane to Mexico where she would discover an entire hidden world of magic and monsters. Her best friend was a bruja, the Chupacabra was more than a myth, and she’d inadvertently caught the attention of the terrifying Blood King with golden eyes. What started as a two-week vacation quickly devolved into an adventure she might never return from. 

Día de los Muertos had almost arrived and the monsters were on the hunt.

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pooled ink Review:


Perfect weekend read for the season! Revenge de los Muertos has a fascinating fast-paced plot with a swoon-worthy slow-burn romance and it’s all set in the beautiful land of Mexico. A definite recommendation for fans of urban fantasy such as Mercy Thompson, The Guild Codex, Vampire Diaries, and Hidden Legacy! Oh, not only does this book take place in Mexico, but it also has some telenovela vibes which I think people will either enjoy or won’t. Maybe I was distracted by all of the food in the story but I found I didn’t mind it lol!
-pooled ink

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Meet Talis Jones!

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Talis Jones is a Mexican-English author of magic and mischief. Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Theatre she has explored both stage and film, now finding herself drawn towards the literary world as a new venue for storytelling. Dog mom, Broadway enthusiast, and life-long bibliophile, Talis currently resides in North Carolina.

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