The Grimoire Saga

The most amazing thing has happened! I discovered this series back in college when I perhaps needed magic the most and it whisked me away on a fantastical journey that has kept close to my thoughts ever since. I don’t collect books for the sake of collecting them and only afford to buy physical copies when it’s something I want to read over and over again. This being a special series to me, it was something I wanted to try and collect. For the longest time I only had the eBooks and I began a hunt for first editions which was much more difficult a quest than I’d anticipated. Finally eBay raised my hopes only for an unfortunate basement flood to dash them and then once again magic struck, the magic of an author and her book community. Keep reading this post to see what exactly arrived in my mailbox as well as for more info on the series (no spoilers!) and the author!

The Series

The Grimoire Saga by S.M. Boyce is a portal fantasy packed with complex characters, twisting plots, political intrigue, magic and lore, fascinating creatures, and so much more that it will captivate your mind and have each step along a forest path filled with secret hope that you might stumble upon a lichgate and embark on an adventure of your own. Four books that encapsulate an epic journey tied up with a satisfying conclusion and the desire to pester your friends to dive in await you! You do not want to miss out on this series!

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Book One

(Grimoire Saga #1)
S.M. Boyce
October 01, 2011

YA Fiction | Fantasy

A single choice can change your life forever…  

When Kara Magari uncovers an ancient book of dark and deadly magic, she realizes she’s the only one who can read its enchanted pages… and overnight, she becomes the most coveted magical creature in not just one, but two worlds. 

Now hunted by every living creature under the sun, she discovers a new world full of beautiful and terrifying things: Ourea. Out here, everyone wants something from her, and there’s no one she can trust. 

Kings and queens are drawn to her, assassins and demons seek her out, but it’s the charming soldier with a protective streak and a dark secret that may just be her undoing. 

Before this is over, Kara will have to make the ultimate choice… either she surrenders to this dangerous book of magic, heart and soul, or it will be the death of her. 

Welcome to Ourea, where only the cunning survive.

Buckle in & experience the beginning of a timeless epic fantasy adventure with this first installment of the Grimoire Saga. If you enjoy Lord of the Rings, The Wheel of Time, or Eragon, you’ll love this breathtaking epic fantasy adventure with a modern twist and a slow burn romance. 

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pooled ink Review:


The plot was intriguing and constantly twisting and rushing forward. Places shifted, alliances contorted, characters were always more complex than at first glance. This book is an exhilarating and magical escape no matter what mood you find yourself in.
Lichgates is a fast-paced epic fantasy that will fly you along the journeys of Kara and Braeden and the rise of Ourea. Suit up and be prepared for the jaw-dropping cities and heart-pounding dangers that lie ahead.
-pooled ink

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Meet S.M. Boyce!

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Boyce is known for action-packed epic fantasy, powerful heroes, and riveting magical stories filled with twists and intrigue. And, of course, a bit of humor sprinkled through it all. Pick up your kindle and get lost in the journey.

The Surprise!

I’m crying, I’m dancing, I keep alternating between hugging them tightly and gazing at them on my bookshelf with an admiring sigh. I also remain in disbelief that my quest, my impossible little quest, has been achieved and all thanks to those whom understand the magic books contain. Thank you thank you THANK YOU to S.M. Boyce and the readers involved for by some miracle unearthing first edition copies of this series and sending them to me! I don’t collect multiple editions of books almost ever unless it’s special to me (I won’t tell you how weak I am for various editions of Harry Potter lol) but this series has a place in my heart and to own these copies means so much to me. Some people will wonder how lumps of paper and ink could be such a big deal, but to me they mean so much and I am truly touched by everyone who helped this wish come true. I’m forever thankful to all of you who helped me achieve this little dream of finding these books. Thank you!

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