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Thanks to Dee & Dre with CABESWATER for nominating me! I’m still a bit of a newbie here on the book blog circuit but I’ve loved every minute of it and cannot wait to do more! Alrighty, let’s get started…



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CABESWATER’s Questions:

  • Be honest, do you judge a book by its cover?
    • Oh heck yes. I won’t even deny it. Most of the time I judge first by its description, second by its overall rating on Goodreads, and third by its cover. But if I’m just browsing the shelves at random then yeah I look at covers first to see what catches my eye before investigating the book further because cover art, whether good or bad, you can usually tell a lot about the story by the cover despite that old saying. But I never actually buy a book based just on its cover because covers don’t tell you if the book itself is actually good or not, it just hints as to what the story is about.
  • What draws your interest towards a potential read?
    • It has to sound exciting. If I doze off reading the blurb then there’s no hope for me ever choosing that book. I like cool cover art, I like good reviews, but what I look at more fiercely is the book’s description and how it makes me feel. Sounds weird maybe, but sometimes I read a book blurb and I just get a little spark luring me in because it sounds like a place I want to visit, people I want to meet, a story I must witness, a world I need to be a part of. If it’s thrilling, different, and captivating in its description and cover the chances are pretty good for me to add it to my TBR list. If it sparks something inside of me then the chances are even better that it’ll be on my shopping list for my next book run. 
  • Do you have any books you regret reading? Why?
    • No. I would almost say ‘yes’ and I’ve definitely read books & plays that I 100% never want to read again ever and could have gotten along just fine without ever reading them but now that it’s all said and done my answer is ‘no.’ I say this because no matter how much I recoil from certain stories I’ve read I’ve always learned something from them. Each one presented a tiny window to the human soul, to this broken world we live in. Or rather less philosophically, they all provide interesting ways of writing and formatting. I may not always like a book but rather than chuck it in the fire cursing it for the time it stole (I find this does nothing to me other than incite my anger and really??) I’d rather think of three things I’ve gained/learned from reading it and then cast it into the fire 😉 But truly, books open the mind…even the terrible ones that we dislike.
  • What book gave you the most lasting impression?
    • Tough question, actually. A few books have made changes to my life. But instead of writing pages and pages or answers you probably don’t really care about I’ll just settle with the basic. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series made an incredibly lasting impression on me, largely because these books are what introduced me to heavy reading. I’d always been a bit of a book nerd as a kid but the day I opened Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone it was game over. I would read sitting, standing, walking, preferring the immersive company of a book over basketball, parties, or anything else. These books and their movie counterparts also had a good-sized partial influence on my choosing a Theatre major in college. (Animal Farm and 1984 both held substantial roles in sealing my fate as a realist and a bit of a skeptic…and a teeny bit of a cynic). 
  • If your favourite book was made into a movie, what role would you star as?
    • Well first of all choosing a favorite book is near impossible so this question already has me at an unfair disadvantage. Instead I will answer this question based off of which character I’d like to play and see which book title that surfaces. Hmm…so many characters to choose from! Heroines, supporting roles, cameos, villains, hmm…May I be torn between two? I say I may. Here’s my answer:
    • The first role I’d like to play would be Shay from the Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. I choose her because a) I really love this series and b) because I am an actress and with that viewpoint Shay presents a thrilling challenge. She practically has a personality change in each book: adventurous rebel > fashionista airhead > psycho cult leader > evil team leader > girl who has grown up before she should have had to. But despite every dramatic shift in her brain/personality she somehow always remains Shay. It’s subtle but it’s there. Oh my word if they ever made those books into movies I’d do anything just for the chance to audition for Shay. 
    • My other answer is Adelina from The Young Elites Trilogy by Marie Lu. I choose this character because her story intrigues me, it is a villain’s story. More than that I feel that I could play her part well, I feel that in some ways I understand her.


I Nominate…


My Questions:

  1. What genre do you tend to prefer and why?
  2. Which book character is your favorite hero/heroine? Which is your favorite villain? Oh, and why?
  3. What book most surprised you and your expectations?
  4. If you could cast a book-to-film adaptation then which book and who would you choose?
  5. Why is it you love to read?


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