Snow Moon

Snow Moon (A New World #2) by Tonya Coffey (2015)
-Review Request-

Snow Moon

YA Fiction | High Fantasy3 StarsBlurb:

“Jessa, the queen of Faeries, finds herself in the midst of disappearances. When she investigates those who have vanished, she discovers a rogue Sylph. He is ridding the realm of the ones he believes are diseased with the help of Trolls.
Together, Micha and Jessa discover their bloodline is more than they thought. They are the descendants of Ancients and Sylphs making them the true Elementals. The very people the Sylph is wanting rid of. 
If it wasn’t enough, trying to protect her people, Jessa is forced to let Micha go. She pushes him to go to the Ancients where he will be safe from the Sylph’s wrath.
When Jessa is convicted of meddling in the Sylph,s business, she is sentenced to death. Micha, accepting his new role as the Ancient king, wields their power and frees Jessa from the clutches of the Executioners.
Will Micha and Jessa save the Elementals, and themselves, or will the Sylph take control of the realms?”


pooled ink Review:

Thank you to the author for submitting this book for review!

Coffey was generous enough to send me an ARC eBook of both Harvest Moon and its sequel Snow Moon for me to read in return for a review and so here I am finally working my way through the stack of eBooks that have been awaiting a look and finally arriving to the much anticipated A NEW WORLD high fantasy series.

This sequel is better than the first book as it stabilizes its plot velocity and delves deeper into its characters and their motivations.

Dark schemes, true love, and twists fill the pages of this book as Sylphs and Ancients manipulate faeries and trolls to fight for power, fight for peace, and fight for love. Jessa and Micah discover cover-ups, traitors, injustice, and yet more prophecies as they fight for their people and fight for each other.

Another fun installment in the A New World series, Snow Moon continues this high fantasy adventure filled with faeries, trolls, prophecies, magic, green wooded forests, castles, one true power, and one true love. Snow Moon is a light quick jaunt of a read for any fantasy fan.


amazon icon_tiny Purchase here: Snow Moon 

Check out the rest of the series: Harvest Moon (A New World #1), Pink Moon (A New World #3)

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